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Weird But Awesome Wedding Blogs

by Lauren Jacobson

Not every bride and groom wants a traditional wedding. This special moment should reflect what makes each couple distinct on this planet. Here are several weird (but awesome) wedding blogs for wedding planning that breaks the mold.

Alice In Wedding Land
Welcome to the weird and wonderful Alice In Wedding Land. This site is swirl of fantasy, surrealism, yoga, steampunk culture and much more. Jampacked with creative energy, there is no lack of inspiration. Alice In Wedding Land features its blog side by side with a magazine titled “Alice”. Be sure to stop by the site’s Wedding Photo Diaries for an informative look at wedding photography.

Offbeat Bride
Introducing the weird (but awesome) wedding blog Offbeat Bride. Mexican rap for weddings, line dancing etiquette, plus a pink and black themed ceremony are just a few of the topics on this site. A small group of dedicated editors bring you stories of offbeat wedding plus tons of advice and inspiration for wedding plans.

Rock N’ Roll Bride
Kat has a mission to inject the traditional and, she says, “frou frou” wedding world with attitude and originality. Rock N’ Roll Bride also publishes a nice magazine for couples and wedding planners. From wedding theme and venue ideas to great examples of vintage wedding design, this site is devoted to helping weddings rock out.

Marry Me Ink
Tattooed brides planning their wedding should checkout Marry Me Ink. This wedding blog for alternative weddings blog is supercool. It’s all about the ink. Steampunks, rockabillies, and indie lovers alike can find ideas on Marry Me Ink.

Weird And Wonderful Wedding World
UK’s Weird And Wonderful Wedding World takes place each year in Bristol. The site’s blog visitors updated about the event. It is also a treasure trove of wedding ideas on the far edge of style with a heavy dash of punk and gothic fashions.

Gothic Wedding Planner
An awesome wedding blog with a whole lot of weird, there are tons of resources here. Need a wedding planner who knows goth culture? This is your site. In addition, Gothic Wedding Planner offers custom portraits and invitations plus copywriting.

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