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Wedding Tips During COVID 19: A Guide for Planning & Postponing a Wedding

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While planning a wedding can be stressful and challenging in its own, planning one in the midst of a pandemic certainly requires patience and flexibility. However, we’ve compiled handy wedding tips that will help you make the process smoother!

How the Coronavirus Pandemic Interrupted Wedding Plans in 2020 

A 3 Tier Wedding Cake With Flower Decor | Wedding Tips During Covid 19: A Guide For Planning & Postponing A Wedding | Blogs

From stay-at-home orders to full city-wide lockdowns, the novel coronavirus, known more commonly as COVID-19, has interrupted daily life. The pandemic has complicated many tasks, not to mention put a pause on wedding plans. Depending on where you live, the rules as they pertain to the pandemic will reflect the severity of the pandemic in your area.

However, it’s safe to say that weddings all over the world are either becoming a stressful ordeal or being postponed altogether. Instead of being full of joy and excitement, wedding planning has become a daunting and uncertain process. This change has everything to do with the way that all aspects of life have become uncertain. So, what does this mean for couples that were planning to celebrate their love for one another? 

Some of you might be engaged and finding yourselves in the middle of the wedding planning process. Other people are already legally married and simply wanted to celebrate with a party after the fact. 

No matter which category you fall into, the current pandemic is certainly throwing a wrench in your plans. But there are a variety of ways and wedding tips to keep everything lighthearted and cheerful! 

Wedding Tips for Planning & Possibly Postponing Your Wedding

Be Flexible with Your Wedding Date

Planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic is different than usual. There is a lot of uncertainty involved in the process because not much is known about when the pandemic will be over. This doesn’t mean you cannot carry on with your plans to get married, but try to be flexible with your wedding date.

For example, if you have always wanted a summer wedding, you might want to play around with the idea of a fall or winter wedding instead. Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus is still ongoing, the circumstances are making it hard for summer weddings to take place. No one knows for sure when the outbreak will settle down, but a summer wedding might end up being postponed until later after all. 

Have a Backup Date in Mind

On top of being flexible about when your wedding will happen, we recommend having a backup date in mind, too. Picking an alternative date to get married will bring you peace of mind if your wedding ends up being postponed. Everyone hopes that their weddings won’t be moved around but the problem with viruses is that they are so unpredictable. 

Having a backup date in mind helps you be more prepared if your wedding ends up being postponed. It’s up to you to decide if you want your backup date to be a few months later than the planned wedding date, or if it ends up being a full year. Just remember that a backup date isn’t a promise that your wedding will be postponed. It’s just a way of being proactive! 

Keep in Touch with the Venue for Updates

Last but not least, stay in contact with your venue. They will be able to provide you with updates regarding your wedding date. If you have any questions about the possibility of having to postpone the big day, reach out to the venue. Wedding venues will have a plan of action and they can let you in on updates as they happen. Communication is key. 

Should You Postpone Your 2020 Wedding? 

It’s up to you, as a team, to decide if you want to move forward with the wedding this year, or if you’d rather postpone it until next year. If you did not already have all of the wedding details planned out before the COVID-19 outbreak, it would be in your best interest to postpone any preliminary plans for a wedding in 2020. 

Do you know what’s great about waiting a little longer to get married? You have that much more time to plan out every little detail! Instead of rushing through the wedding planning process, you can take your time exploring different options and making sure that your wedding ends up being the day you’ve always dreamed about. 

The Best Way to Cope with a Postponed Wedding During the Pandemic

An Outdoor Wedding Venue At The Grand Salon In Miami Florida | Wedding Tips During Covid 19: A Guide For Planning & Postponing A Wedding | Blogs

At Grand Salon Reception Halls and Ballrooms, we are taking precautions in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are currently open, and our employees are working remotely. If you have a wedding planned at Grand Salon and it turns out the big day needs to be postponed, we are ready and willing to help you find a date to reschedule your wedding. 

As it stands, the earliest time that we can schedule an event is in June.

Please see our COVID-19 rescheduling policy below:

Mandatory Reschedules

Clients have a year to select the new date without a rescheduling fee.*

Voluntary Reschedules

Clients have to select the new date from now to October without a rescheduling fee.*

Don’t worry! We are communicating directly with our vendors as well so that everyone is on the same page. On top of rescheduling, we are following protocol and deep-cleaning all of the Grand Salon venues. We want to be the place where you celebrate your dream wedding in the safest and cleanest place possible.

We are making sure we adhere to the rules regarding social distancing during the pandemic, and we will continue to do so until the coast is clear. If you need to reschedule your wedding or have questions for us, reach out to us today! We’re here for you. 

*Disclaimer: Reschedule rules are subject to change as the health crisis changes.

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