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Wedding Registry Do’s and Dont’s: Do Be Thankful, Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

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A Happily Married Couple | Wedding Registry Do's And Dont's: Do Be Thankful, Don't Let It Go To Your Head | Blogs

A happily married couple

A married couple’s first shopping list for their future is the wedding registry: a wonderful tradition that itemizes gift giving so that people don’t leave their happiest day with ten toaster ovens in their trunk.

But while some husbands and wives to be approach the process logically and in an orderly fashion, others are gift crazy shop-a-holics who don’t seem to grasp the concept as well as they should.

So we’ve put together this handy list of wedding registry do’s and dont’s so that everybody can learn a thing or two about what and what not to do. Enjoy!

Do be thankful that wedding registries are such a glorious tradition.
Don’t let it go to your head.

Do expect that some people will give you gifts you do not need, want, appreciate, or even like receiving.
Don’t register only the most expensive and ostentatious gifts on the market, such as ancient Chinese sterling silver from the Mao Dyansty in 200 matching pieces.

Do register with a reputable company, or two, or three.
Don’t register at the last minute.

Do take the time to evaluate all the options and offer a range of products with a variety of price points for everyone in your circles of family, friends, acquaintances, associates, their guests.
Don’t get mad or hold a personal grudge about the gifts that you receive, even if they weren’t on your registry list. Remember, this is a happy day and the beginning of your new life with your dearly beloved, not with that printed label maker for stamping food dates on Tupperware.

Do thank each and every gift giver with a special note, phone call, email, youtube video, Skype, Instagram post, and especially handwritten card. You can decide who gets what based on how much you liked what they gave you.
Don’t neglect to thank anyone, no matter how much better of a gift you fell they could have given you.


Do embrace the technology of scanning items in real life as you decide what would make your marriage stronger.
Don’t go crazy with the scanning gun on impulse products you don’t really need, will never use, or will be obsolete in the next six months.


Do register useful kitchen products.
Don’t register video games.


Do register quirky couples-friendly gifts that reflect your personalities.
Don’t register clothes or jewelry. That means no suits, dresses, shoes, or rings.


Do have a wonderful wedding at Grand Salon Reception Hall!
Don’t forget to book a Miami wedding with us again when you renew your vows!


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