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Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around the World

by Lauren Jacobson

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, you may be overwhelmed by the many traditions and customs that you plan to honor. You’re not the only one. Brides all across the world practice a number of unique and sacred traditions on their special day. From ransoms to sock dances and fattening huts, some of these traditions will inspire you, and others will simply shock you. In fact, you might just find that after reading through them, your own wedding preparations won’t seem as tedious as they did before.

#1. The Russian Ransom


Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around The World | Blogs


Miami Wedding Venues | Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around The World | BlogsHow would you like to be held at ransom on your wedding day? Better yet, what if it was your very own wedding party who was holding you hostage?In Russia, it’s tradition for the bride’s wedding party to guard the groom from his bride until he’s able to perform a number of lighthearted and funny tasks, such as writing a poem or performing a silly song. After he’s accomplished this, he’ll then be asked to pay a ransom which may include candy or even money. For centuries, Russians have embraced this charming and humorous tradition. In the past, it was a much more elaborate and theatrical event, but even now, many people enjoy turning it into an entertaining and unforgettable part of the day.


#2. The Peruvian Cake Pull

Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around The World | Blogs

Peruvians have a much more delicious way of determining which lucky lady is next in line for marriage. Instead of tossing a bouquet, female guests gather around the wedding cake, and each of them pulls out one of the many ribbons that have been tucked between the layers. Each ribbon has a charm attached to it, but one special guest will find a fake wedding ring at the end of hers which signifies that she will soon be a bride herself.

#3. The Chinese Wardrobe Switch

Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around The World | Blogs

Some brides find the mere process of putting on their wedding gown to be pretty overwhelming. Can you imagine wearing three different wedding dresses on your special day instead of just one?

China’s brides do exactly that. They’ll partake in three wardrobe changes throughout the day, entering their ceremony in a red frock, later switching into a white ball gown, and finally ending their special day in a dazzling gown or cocktail dress of their choice.

#4. The Uganda Fattening Hut

Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around The World | Blogs

You’ve spent hours at the gym, and you’re still not as toned as you want to be for your wedding day. You’re certainly not alone in that, but believe it or not, some brides strive to gain weight for their special day.

Because it signifies wealth and prosperity, obesity is considered highly desirable in Uganda. Due to this, brides-to-be will spend much of their time in designated huts, commonly referred to as fattening huts. They’ll be fed large amounts of millet, butter, and milk. Think gaining weight quickly is easy? Unfortunately, it’s not. Many brides will become ill from their rapid weight gain, and some will be forced to eat a shocking 16,000 calories a day.

#5. The French Canadian Sock Dance

Unknown Wedding Traditions From Around The World | Blogs

If you just so happen to be the older, unwed sibling of the bride or groom, and you also happen to be French Canadian, you might be a little bit out of luck. French Canadian newlyweds practice a humorously embarrassing tradition in which an older, single sibling dons a brightly colored pair of knee-highs and performs a comedic dance.

While this hysterical performance is taking place, guests are encouraged to cheer and throw cash onto the dance floor. The money is reserved for the newlyweds who later collect it and keep the knee-high socks as a cherished memento.

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