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Unique Wedding Finger Foods

by Lauren Jacobson

Everyone loves a hefty wedding buffet, but you can give your wedding a unique flair with a variety of gourmet finger foods. Guests love to mingle and nibble on delightful little foods. Spice up your cocktail hour reception with some of these creative treats.

Elegant Wedding Reception | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Mini Mac and Cheese Pies

Who doesn’t love the creamy richness of macaroni and cheese? It’s hard to incorporate this creamy dish in a cocktail hour, but you can tweak the recipe into sweet little bite-sized goodies by baking the recipe in muffin tins.

Elegant Wedding Reception | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Grilled Cheese and Soup

Think gooey grilled cheese sandwiches and hot savory soup in mini form. Bake tiny grilled cheese and cut a small slit down the middle to wedge them on the rim of the small espresso-sized cup. Fill these cups with a luscious lobster bisque or a rich vegetable soup filled with hearty winter vegetables.

Elegant Wedding Reception | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Tiny Ice Cream Cones

Offer a variety of hand made ice creams or sorbets and serve them up in small baked cones. Each serving can be polished off within one or two bites and easily tailored to those with varying tastes in ice cream.

Pancakes | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Pancake Stacks

Are you having a late-night wedding or a brunch style reception? Don’t forget the pancakes! Whip up some itty bitty pancakes and spear them with toothpick sized wooden picks before delicately drizzling them with syrup. Keep things varied with different flavored syrups.

Elegant Wedding Reception | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Class Up the Casual

Casual fare doesn’t have to seem lazy. You can make some of your favorite pub food gourmet simply by shrinking it down. Create some sliders with a spicy aioli and crispy bacon and serve each slider alongside a shot-sized cup of beer. You can’t have burgers without fries, so fill tall shot glasses up with a small serving of fries and line the bottom of the cup with homemade ketchup.

Elegant Wedding Reception | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Fish and Chips

You can get really creative and print out personalized newsprint to fill with crispy fried fish and salty french fries. Each cup is big enough to hold a piece of fish and a small pinch of fries without getting your guests’ hands and clothes greasy.

Elegant Wedding Reception | Unique Wedding Finger Foods | Blogs

Seasonal Veggie Tacos

Fry up tiny corn tortillas and fill them with seasonal vegetables for a one bite snack. Drizzle an avocado or chipotle ranch over the top for an extra creamy kick.

Let your food be one of the shining jewels of your wedding, no matter how petite the portions are!

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