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Over The Top Wedding Proposals

by Lauren Jacobson

Being proposed to is one of the most romantic and memorable events of someone’s life (assuming that the person giving the proposal is the right match!) Some people however take that special moment to a whole other level with completely over the top wedding proposals. How does yours compare?

The Is This Legal? Proposal
Arianna’s police officer husband, Matt proposed to her while she was in handcuffs! After being pulled over and accused of driving a stolen car, a police officer proceeded to place her into custody and also subject her to standard field sobriety tests. A few moments later, her soon-to-be fiancee pulled up in a second police vehicle, got out and told her that the only thing she had stolen was his heart. Luckily when he pulled out the ring, Arianna said yes and wasn’t too shocked and shaken to accept his offer!

The Weightless Proposal
Christina got a zero gravity proposal from her hubby, Christian. The couple took a weekend trip to Los Vegas and while in town Christian took them for a zero gravity flight! At the end of the flight, he pulled out the engagement ring and a little sign that read “Will you marry me?” While the ring was still floating in the air alongside the joyful twosome, Christina managed to to accept this over the top proposal.

Marine Mammal Proposal
While swimming with dolphins on a spring break Bahamas vacation, Eric thought of the perfect over the top way to propose to his girlfriend. The dolphins were trained to swim to guests and open their mouths to receive fish snacks. One dolphin swam over to Ashley and opened its mouth but this time it was a little different. Inside the mouth of the dolphin was a ring box with an engagement ring inside. Ashley immediately said yes and it sure is a good thing that the dolphin didn’t decide to swallow!

The Under The Sea Adventure Proposal
Can you imagine getting proposed to while many meters under the sea? That’s exactly what happened to aptly named Aqua when her boyfriend Wilton took her for a diving trip. While deep below the surface, Aqua discovered a half buried treasure box. Inside the box was her engagement ring. Once the couple had safely returned to their boat, Wilton proposed and the rest is history – she said yes!

Over The Top Wedding Proposals


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