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The Greatest Wedding Memes of 2014

by Lauren Jacobson

1. After all of the meticulous wedding planning and ever growing wedding expenses, it can definitely throw a bride for a loop when an uninvited guest is added. This cute baby’s expression reflects how the bride feels when that uninvited RSVP arrives:

miami wedding venue

2. Every unmarried person can relate to hearing this dreaded comment at weddings. After getting this comment over and over this little fellow decided to turn the tables! This hilarious meme for everyone who is not yet married:

miami wedding venues

3. Pinterest is full of so many wonderful ideas for weddings; if only all of those ideas were not so expensive! Today’s brides need one fantasy wedding planned out on their Pinterest boards and another more sensible one planned out in reality:

miami wedding venues

4. The irony of beginning a lifetime together by spending tremendous amounts of money on just a single day is not lost on the creators of this funny meme:

miami wedding venues

5. Everyone likes to talk about the perfect fairytale wedding, but few people think about some of the more dramatic things that happen in fairytales:

miami wedding venues
6. Everyone has checked ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on the traditional wedding response cards, but imagine the fun of getting to convey your response on these hilarious meme cards in lieu of the typical plain cardstock:

miami wedding venues

7. Creative outdoor wedding pictures seem like such a good idea, until things start to get out of control. When the worst happens, sometimes the only option is to laugh. If the worst happened in your wedding pictures, commiserate with the wedding party in this meme:

miami wedding venues

8. There’s always that one person at a wedding who refuses to celebrate the romantic nature of marriage. For those who insist on facts and logic at all times, Dwight from The Office offers unenthusiastic and droll commentary in this meme:

miami wedding venues


9. All of the gorgeous and creative images on Pinterest can make it almost impossible not to start planning the big day, even if you are not engaged. Perhaps it is not the best idea to let a new romantic interest know about all of your planning just yet though:

miami wedding venues


10. People joke that events are real until they are “Facebook Official.” The newlywed couple in this meme takes that idea a little too far though. It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cringe at this declaration:

miami wedding venues


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