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Top 7 Tips for Finding the Right Corporate Event Venue

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Corporate events are an essential aspect of working in the business world. Although these events are enjoyable as both a guest and a host, there is a difference between planning a corporate event and attending the corporate event venue. 

If you are the host of an upcoming corporate event, you will likely have a long to-do list to help you prepare for the occasion. 

From setting the date to drawing up plans and pinpointing goals, the number of responsibilities on your plate feels endless. Once you take a look at what you need to do, you can prioritize the steps in order of importance.

We’ve compiled our top 7 tips for finding the right corporate event venue. To better assist you in figuring out which location is best for you, we have posed these top 7 tips as questions that you can answer along the way. 

If you can favorably answer these questions after touring a corporate event venue, then you have found the right one for your business!

7 Tips for Finding the Right Corporate Event Venue

Finding the right corporate event venue starts with understanding what you need for your event to run smoothly.

Here’s what we think you should focus on when searching for the right corporate event venue for you! 

1. Is the venue easily accessible? 

Accessibility is of utmost importance. Not only is location something to keep in mind, but you should also pay attention to how easy it is for guests to get to the location. 

Location includes things such as parking spaces, transportation options, and other accessibility-related factors. For instance, if you invite guests who require a wheelchair or other forms of assistance, ensuring accessibility means the venue will offer ramps, elevators, et cetera. 

2. Is the venue suitable for corporate guests?

People who work in the corporate world will likely carry their devices with them, like laptops and tablets. Some guests might have to work on and off during the corporate event, depending on their situation.

The main takeaway here is that it is essential to find a venue that allows guests to work in between speeches, talks, meetings, and other event activities. Factors that create an environment of suitability include Wi-Fi for connectivity and outlets for charging devices.

3. Does the total cost fall within your company’s event budget?

Paying attention to costs is always a wise decision. Before finalizing the event and agreeing to hold your corporate event at a specific venue, make sure you understand the event’s total costs. 

Nobody enjoys getting a bill that exceeds their budget. The more you know about costs, the better you can assess whether or not the venue is the right one for your event.

4. Are there hotels nearby for out-of-town guests? 

Something that is certainly not uncommon for corporate events is that many guests fly out of town. Many professionals are very accustomed to flying all over the world and attending events of this nature. 

Hotels are one thing to think about, but so are transportation and food options, to name a couple more. If you aren’t sure about the answer to this question, don’t hesitate to ask the venue, mainly if it is an unfamiliar town.

5. How does the venue contribute to your brand? 

When you are the face of a company, it’s essential to ensure that everything you do aligns with the brand. It might not seem as though it matters, but it does. 

If a corporate event venue does not add to your brand, then it detracts from it. You should always seek to shine a positive light on your company, and hosting events at venues that enhance your brand is pertinent.

6. Can the venue accommodate everything necessary for your event? 

Another way of asking this question would be, “Is the venue willing to assist you in making sure everything flows smoothly on the day of the event?” Essentially, ask the venue if they have in-house event planners or staff members who can help you on the big day. 

It can be a lot to host, run, and manage an event all on your own, especially if your corporate event guest list is lengthy. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue how they go about ensuring the event runs smoothly. 

7. Does the venue offer adequate space for an event of this type? 

By law, some limits dictate how many people can gather in a room at a given time. Corporate event venues have to uphold these regulations. 

As such, it is vital to ask the venue what their capacity limits are. Can the number of people on your guest list safely gather in the space you have in mind? If not, you will, unfortunately, need to seek out another venue for your corporate event. 

The Benefits of Hosting an Event at Grand Salon 

A Table With Decorations And Place Settings At An Event Venue | Top 7 Tips For Finding The Right Corporate Event Venue | Blogs

At the Grand Salon, we offer different venue options and packages to suit your needs.

There are endless benefits to hosting your corporate event at Grand Salon, the main one being that it checks off all 7 of these tips for finding the right venue for your business event. From accessibility and suitability to affordability and travel accommodations, Grand Salon hits the mark for all of our top 7 tips on our checklist. 

Planning a corporate event is simple with Grand Salon. While the planning process can be overwhelming in nature, the event planners, hosts, and vendors at Grand Salon do everything in their power to minimize the stress levels on your behalf. 

Are you interested in hosting your corporate event at Grand Salon? We would love to hear all about the details of your upcoming business event. 

For more information about how Grand Salon can best serve you and your corporate guests, please don’t hesitate to read all about corporate events at Grand Salon

We encourage you to contact us as soon as you know you’ll be planning an event for your business. The sooner we are in touch, the sooner we can begin assisting you with the planning process! 

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