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Top 6 Spring Wedding Ideas to Try in 2021

by admin

Spring is a beautiful season. Since the days start getting longer and the sky is sunnier during springtime, many people love to schedule their wedding during the spring months. If you and your fiance are planning a spring wedding, keep reading to learn more about six spring wedding ideas that you have to try!  

Must-Try Spring Wedding Ideas in Miami 

Planning a wedding is such a fun opportunity to tap into your creativity and use your imagination to create the wedding day of your dreams. As exciting as it is to plan a wedding, it can also feel overwhelming.

To help you put together the perfect wedding, we’ve compiled various suggestions for you to try. Our suggestions include everything from color schemes and tips on accommodating the weather to flower options and cocktail ideas! 

1. Pastel Color Palettes

Color schemes are such an integral part of planning a wedding. Of course, since it is your special day, the color palette you select for your wedding is entirely your decision! 

There’s no right or wrong way to go about choosing the colors of your decorations, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen’s ties, or any other customizable element of wedding planning

Some people like to match the color scheme of their wedding with the season. For example, winter is often a colder time of year, so wedding planners often suggest colors like jewel tones like burgundy and forest green to match the weather. 

Likewise, springtime is often associated with pastels, like periwinkle and lavender. This year, some of the trendiest color schemes for spring weddings are mauve and mint, peach and light grey, or porcelain white and dusty green. 

2. Attention to Wardrobe Details 

Spring weddings are some of the prettiest celebrations because natural beauty is often incorporated into the wedding plans, too. Even though spring isn’t the peak wedding season, a decent number of people get married in the springtime.

May is the most popular month for spring weddings, with 11% of couples tying the knot in May! With gardens in full swing as flowers begin to bloom and weather that makes you want to sit outside all day long, spring is a fresh and inviting time of year. 

Spring weather reports tend to be full of forecasts that predict sunshine and clear skies. But keep in mind that the expression ‘spring showers’ exists for a reason. Just because temperatures aren’t below freezing doesn’t mean your wedding day will be filled with nothing but the sun. 

There is a high likelihood that a few clouds will crowd the sky and release rain on your big day. That’s why paying close attention to wardrobe details is essential, especially if one of your spring wedding ideas is an outdoor venue.

You don’t have to let the prospect of rain get you down, though! 

There are ways to ensure that everyone in attendance has a great time at your wedding, even if the rain comes out to play. One example of accommodating the weather is by handing out umbrellas to guests. They can even serve as a souvenir from your wedding. 

Another example of being prepared for spring showers is equipping people in your wedding party with rain boots. There are so many cute boot styles out there so you can keep your bridal party dry while still being stylish!  

3. Spring Flowers for Bouquets and More 

Top 6 Spring Wedding Ideas To Try In 2021 | Blogs

Colorful spring flowers can really make your wedding pop!

One of the most beneficial aspects of a spring wedding is that springtime is when flowers start blooming again. With the cold winter months behind you, spring is when flowers return to life, adding a vibrant liveliness to the world again.  

When it comes to spring wedding ideas that involve flowers, cherry blossoms have to be one of the most fitting flower options for spring weddings. They add a soft and subtle touch of color to a pastel-themed wedding, not to mention they smell divine. 

Baby’s breath and daisies are perfect flowers for a simplistic wedding, especially if your color scheme includes green, white, or cream. If you’re going for a brighter wedding with vibrant colors, pink tulips and yellow roses are two examples of flowers that will really pop. 

4. Trendy Wedding Cake Ideas 

Pink Wedding Cake | Top 6 Spring Wedding Ideas To Try In 2021 | Blogs

Your spring wedding cake is limited only by your imagination and creativity!

Many spring wedding cakes incorporate pressed flowers and edible leaves. An adorable wedding cake design idea is to pair floral touches with an all-white cake. 

Or, if you are not leaning towards the floral idea, consider working with a bakery or a local vendor that can decorate your wedding cake with various fruits instead! Envision a four-tier pastel pink wedding cake with berries galore cascading down the side of the cake. 

Talk about breathtakingly beautiful! 

5. Drink Recipes for the Reception

Who doesn’t love a post-wedding party? Wedding receptions are a time to let loose and celebrate with everyone you’ve invited to your special day. 

Cocktails often go hand-in-hand with wedding receptions, and with spring in full swing, your drink options are endless. We highly recommend cocktails that incorporate lemon, lime, tangerine, pomegranate, and pineapple!

To tie in the floral element of spring, we suggest adding flowers to the cocktails served at your wedding reception as well. Placing flowers in the cocktails as garnish will add an additional magical touch to your spring wedding. 

6. Seasonal Food Options 

Last but not least, on our list of spring wedding ideas, we suggest keeping appetizers and courses as seasonally appropriate as possible. This means that light and refreshing food options are the way to go for a spring wedding. 

It helps to think about what you would love to eat on a warm evening in Miami. For example, cream-based soups or rich lasagna might not be the ideal menu option for a spring wedding. 

On the other hand, shrimp cocktails and berry compote over ice cream are a much more seasonal option for your menu. The more cooling and fresh your menu options are, the better! 

Celebrate Your Springtime Wedding Day at Grand Salon! 

Grand Salon Reception Hall | Top 6 Spring Wedding Ideas To Try In 2021 | Blogs

Celebrate your spring wedding at Grand Salon

We hope our spring wedding ideas have helped you plan your dream springtime wedding! Are you looking for the perfect venue to celebrate your Miami wedding this spring? Look no further than Grand Salon! 

As one of the most elegant wedding venues in the area, we specialize in luxury. If you are ready to plan the most romantic spring wedding at Grand Salon, let us know as soon as possible! If you have any questions or you would like to request a quote, contact us today


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