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Top 4 Benefits of All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

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When planning a wedding, most couples decide between one of two routes. They either reach out to various vendors individually and have them all convene at the venues on the big day or select all-inclusive wedding venues.

The main difference between a regular wedding venue and an all-inclusive one is the amenities the venue offers. All-inclusive wedding venues provide wedding packages, vendor options, and other eye-catching services that are not only enticing but very beneficial as well. 

On the other hand, regular wedding venues may only offer the location, leaving the couple to figure out all the further details. While all-inclusive wedding venues might seem to have more costs in comparison, they are worth it in the long run.

But don’t just take our word for it! Learn more about all-inclusive wedding venues and the four main benefits of the all-inclusivity.

Why Should You Choose an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

There are numerous reasons to choose an all-inclusive wedding venue, but we have narrowed down the top four benefits of all-inclusive wedding venues for you. 

1. Convenience 

The first significant benefit of booking an all-inclusive venue for your wedding is for the sake of convenience. When it comes to all-inclusive wedding venues, If there is one benefit that stands out among the rest, it’s a convenience factor. 

These venues allow the soon-to-be-married couple a lot of relief because they will take on most of the wedding day responsibilities. All-inclusive wedding venues coordinate many of the details. 

Not only is this a significant sigh of relief for couples, but it also allows the lovebirds to focus on their big day instead of stressing about all the little things!

2. Budget-Friendly 

While all-inclusive wedding venues might be viewed as more expensive than regular ones, this is not to say that paying for the all-inclusive feature will break the bank. Purchasing a package from an all-inclusive venue saves you money in the end. 

All-inclusive wedding venues are budget-friendly because the packages they offer are always a deal. It’s like when you go to the store. You save money if you buy items in bulk instead of separately! 

Rather than paying full-price to multiple separate vendors for their services, all-inclusive venues make deals with vendors. You ultimately only end up paying the venue, and they distribute the payment to each vendor in attendance. 

3. Reliability

Can you think of anything worse than having a vendor not show up to your wedding day? Try to imagine your food vendor canceling on you the day of your wedding. That sounds terrifying, right? 

With an all-inclusive wedding venue, you will never find yourself in this position. All-inclusive venues promise an unwavering sense of reliability. All-inclusive wedding venues have a professional relationship with the vendors they hire. 

They only work with trustworthy vendors who they know will exceed expectations on your wedding day. Plus, not only are the services reliable, but they are also very time-efficient! With in-venue wedding planners, your wedding day will run smoothly, and everything will happen on time. 

4. Professionalism

All-inclusive wedding venues provide an unbeatable level of professionalism. Now, it’s true that vendors tend to be professional. However, when you book an all-inclusive venue for your wedding, the venue will provide you with assistance from numerous professionals all in one. 

The specifics depend on which package you purchase, but all-inclusive wedding venues usually do all the heavy lifting for you. From photographers and videographers to florists and interior decorators, an all-inclusive venue contacts a list of professionals to work on your wedding day

The Many Wedding Packages at Grand Salon 

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At Grand Salon, we fully understand how overwhelming it is to plan your wedding. To make everything easier for soon-to-be brides and grooms like you, we have put together a few different wedding venue packages

With our very talented wedding planners’ help, you can make the wedding of your dreams come true. Our wedding packages address all the essential details of a picturesque wedding. 

From flower arrangements and entertainment to food and drink, we pay close attention to everything. At Grand Salon, we ensure that your all-inclusive wedding will be an event to remember. 

The Ballroom

Our largest wedding venue to date, the Ballroom, is 6,000 square feet of pure beauty. Located inside of a mansion, the Ballroom will make you feel like a princess (or a prince)! 

You, your significant other, and all of your wedding guests will feel like you’re attending a whimsical ball. Everyone will be able to trickle into the Gazebo area throughout the night too.  

The Ciudamar Room 

Ideal for smaller weddings, the Ciudamar is what we refer to as an intimate event space. The room looks like it belongs in a castle, and it exudes an overall royal vibe. 

Equipped with stunning chandeliers and marble floors that stretch across the entire room, the Ciudamar is a magical all-inclusive wedding venue. 

The Gazebo 

The Gazebo is our outdoor wedding venue. Situated in lush garden space with beautiful greenery galore, the Gazebo offers a breath of fresh air, literally! If you love the idea of an outdoor ceremony or you plan to get married during the sunny seasons, then the Gazebo is your perfect wedding venue. 

The Reception Hall

Your all-inclusive wedding at Grand Salon can take place in any of our four wedding venues. The Reception Hall is an impressive 5,300 square feet, leaving plenty of space for large wedding parties. 

The chandeliers are stunning, and the flooring is perfect for dancing the night away with your guests. Not only is the Reception Hall spacious and luxurious, but our incredibly talented chef will impress everyone in attendance.  

Contact Grand Salon Today!

If you are interested in looking at Grand Salon wedding package options, please contact us as soon as possible! We would love to tell you more about the process of planning an all-inclusive wedding at Grand Salon.

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