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Top 10 Reasons Miami Gazebo Weddings Are The Best

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miami gazebo wedding

All your guests will be so jealous, yet honored, to experience your beautiful Miami gazebo wedding.

That’s because with the lovely glow of the setting sun upon your party, as you’re surrounded by flowers, in a freshly white painted gazebo, you will be the utmost center of attention and devotion as you vow your everlasting love for your one true love.

As you kiss, fireworks will go off and prove to the world just how dynamic your wedding bliss truly is. Our special effects packages make your magic moments even more breathtaking, and the photos will be simply amazing. That being said, here are the top 10 reasons Miami gazebo weddings are the best. All of these photos were shot at Grand Salon Reception Hall’s actual property.


miami gazebo wedding

10. They’re So Romantic
Across time and space, true love stories in music, movies, theater, dance, and television often depict outdoor gazebo weddings because there is a well established visual tradition of romance associated with them. There’s just something beautiful about the whole experience, and its connotation as a true romance iconic archetype.


miami gazebo wedding

9. The Country Club Is Amazing
The Killian Palms Country Club is an absolutely gorgeous property where all of your dreams can come true in a magical ceremony that will make your storybook wedding feel complete and resplendent.


miami gazebo wedding

8. A Wreath Of Flowers Envelops The Couple
Flowers are one of the most important signifiers for any wedding ceremony. They symbolically celebrate the blooming of a beautiful new lifelong relationship sealed with sacred vows in front of all your friends and family, acquaintances, and associates. Grand Salon’s floral arrangements are the best in the business.


miami gazebo wedding

7. The Freedom Of The Outdoors
The outdoor ceremony is the world’s most perfect way to celebrate the blissful lifelong union of a newly consecrated couple’s vows into eternity. That this occurs outdoors makes it all the more special as there is literally no obstacle between the couple and the eyes of God.



6. Oh So Classy Fairytale
Every girl dreams of her fairytale wedding. From the perfect dress, to all of the right guests, loveliest decorations, perfect venue, and impeccable service, we here at Grand Salon provide them all and grant all of our customer’s wishes in order to make their special days all that more specials. We fulfill fantasies like no other.


miami gazebo wedding

5. Special Effects A Plenty
If you want giant sparklers shooting out fountains of golden fire as you exit the gazebo, we can make it happen. With safety and an enjoyable experience our utmost concern, we have perfected the art of special effects for outdoor wedding ceremonies through hard work, determination, and of course the best technicians in the business designing, implementing, servicing, and operating all of our special effects.


miami gazebo wedding

4. The Reception Party
Yes, yes, yes, a professional bartender and service staff will walk around with trays of light bites conceived by our award winning chef and approved by you well in advance. As your guests relax and enjoy the open bar they look into the beautiful property and feel lucky to be there. Our outdoor terrace is an immaculately groomed and beautiful enclave for your party’s elite guests. And the marble floored foyer with deluxe chandelier will impress everyone as they walk into your reception.


miami gazebo wedding

3. The Photos Will Be Immaculate
Outdoor wedding photos make for the most beautiful visuals. The same is true for video. You and everyone who sees them will be surprised and amazed by the quality of media that is produced when you combine an incredible environment with a beautiful couple and their lovely guests.



2. The Amazing Glow Of Natural Light
The quality of natural light in Miami is a tremendous part of what makes our subtropical paradise so extraordinary. Don’t forget, Florida is officially known as the Sunshine State, and that’s because the way the sun shines here makes everything and everybody look like movie stars.


miami gazebo wedding

1. Book Now And Save With Our Special Pricing
So now that we have convinced you that Grand Salon Reception Hall’s ultimate Miami wedding gazebos are here to serve your needs, you can enjoy our deluxe special pricing package to include everything that makes your ceremony a magical experience for all those who get the opportunity to partake, and to party as you tie the knot into eternity with your dearly beloved.

Click here to learn more about our special price package for this magnificent $1,500 deal!

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