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Three Best Months to Get Married In

When you’re planning your wedding, every decision seems like a big one. The flowers, the colors, the cake; every detail vies for your attention. One of the most important decisions that you must make that will affect all the other decisions is the date of your big day. What month you get married in can affect what flowers and food will be available, whether the wedding can be indoors or outdoors, what colors you pick, even what the bride and groom will wear. If you know what season you want to get married in, it will help you to narrow possible dates down, and choosing what month you want to get married in is even better. The most popular months to get married in are June, September and October, and it’s not very hard to see why.


A June wedding is usually blessed with perfect early summer weather, with spring blossoms still adding life and color without the unpredictable rains and winds of earlier spring months. June offers all the benefits of summer without the sweltering heat of August, and allows for a colorful and temperate outdoor wedding reception. Nearly all flowers are in season and readily available in June, so you can easily assemble your dream bouquet and flower arrangements without the extravagant prices that often come with flowers out of season. June is a great month for a casual and comfortable wedding, especially outdoors.


After the blistering heat of August, September is a welcome transition into the cool coziness of early fall. September still offers nice warm days with cooler nights, perfect for a sunlit outdoor wedding followed by a cozy indoor reception with the flavors and colors of fall. As a month with no major holidays, falling after most people’s summer vacation plans, September is a month that is convenient for many guests, ensuring that you will be surrounded by as many RSVPs as possible for your big event.


Despite a few dour old fashioned proverbs that warn against October weddings, usually in charming and kitschy rhyme, October is a great month for a cozy fall wedding. Even though October is still a popular month for marriage, a later fall date often has more availability in venues and cheaper prices when compared to the powerhouse month of June, when wedding venues are at a premium. If you can see yourself getting married amongst rich fall harvest colors, brisk beautiful weather and mulled cider coziness, consider a fall wedding rich with jewel tones and holiday warmth.

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