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Ten Signs Your Quinceañera Will Be A Huge Success

by Lauren Jacobson

For teen girls who are turning 15, quinceañeras are one of the most popular milestones as they grow into a young woman. The celebration will be remembered for a lifetime and will make for a memorable occasion when family and friends gather for the day. To ensure that your party will be a huge success, there are a few tips to make for an incredible day.

1. You Have a Long Guest List

The best celebrations are the largest where the more people, the merrier. Your guest list should include close to 100 people for the ultimate quinceañera.

2. The Outfits are Dramatic

The outfits that you pick should be dramatic and formal for a regal style that will enhance the significance of the event.

3. You’ve Hired a Talented Choreographer

One of the highlights of the evening are the dances that you and your court will perform, making it important to have a choreographer who is experienced and will create an incredible show.

4. The Venue is Impressive

Choose a venue that is formal and updated for a space your guests can feel comfortable in during the quinceañera.

5. The Food Will Be Catered

To enhance the formality of the event, it’s important to have your food catered for the evening. Choose a restaurant or venue where you can taste the food options beforehand.

6. You’re Close Friends with Your Entire Court

Your event will be more memorable and enjoyable if you’re close friends with your entire court instead of spending time with acquaintances.

7. You’ll Travel in a Limo

Instead of having your mom take you to the event, ride in style with a high-end limo that will allow you to make a grand entrance at the quinceañera and even travel with your court.

8. The Music is Picked Out

To ensure that the atmosphere is lively and fun for your event, you should hand-pick the songs that you want the DJ to play throughout the evening. Choose from oldies to current hits for a wide selection that all ages can enjoy.

9. Your Dress Fits Like a Glove

Your dress should be custom fit to ensure that it feels comfortable and stays in place while dancing throughout the night. It will allow you to stand out and will make for an incredible feature that will allow you to feel like a true woman.

10. You Have a Professional Cake

The cake is one of the main features of your quinceañera that your guests will pay close attention to. It should look dramatic, stylish, and match the surrounding decor in the venue.

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