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5 Signs You’re At a Hipster Wedding

by admin

Hipsters are known for doing things their own way, so why is that when hipster weddings happen, they are all nearly identical? Marching to the beat of a different drummer sure seems to involve a lot of feathers and Pabst Blue Ribbon, that’s all we’re saying. If you’re at a wedding and you’re not sure if its a pair of hipsters tying the knot, look for these signs.

Jars Everywhere

Wedding Venues Miami | 5 Signs You're At A Hipster Wedding | Blogs

Something about glass jars calls to hipsters. It doesn’t matter whether the jars used to hold pickles, eggs, or picked eggs, but if it is made of glass and has a screw-top lid, they can’t get enough. At hipster weddings, you’ll see jars pressed into service as centerpieces, as lighting and even as party favors.

Paper Cranes

Wedding Venues Miami | 5 Signs You're At A Hipster Wedding | Blogs

In Japanese superstition, you can get a wish by folding a thousand paper cranes. We’re not sure what you’re supposed to do with them after that, but if you’re a hipster, apparently, you are meant to hang them from trees, scatter them around tables and use them to decorate every flat surface.


Wedding Venues Miami | 5 Signs You're At A Hipster Wedding | Blogs

Nothing says “I have never made a quilt before” like throwing quilts all over the place at a “country hipster” wedding. Some of these couples get quilts from mass market places, while others take gorgeous handmade quilts and throw them around like they’re disposable napkins. Quilts add texture and color to any event, and we bet that more than one clever guest has made off with the snuggly bounty.


Wedding Venues Miami | 5 Signs You're At A Hipster Wedding | Blogs

To a hipster planning a wedding, going to the florist’s is like admitting that your wedding just isn’t worth the trouble of gathering wilty flowers from a diesel-layered wildflower patch next to the highway. We applaud their thrift and their ingenuity while sort of wishing that the bugs from the flowers wouldn’t make their way to the organic free-range chicken that we weren’t eating anyway.


Wedding Venues Miami | 5 Signs You're At A Hipster Wedding | Blogs

We’re not entirely sure why, but lots of hipster couples take a look around and decide on the apron as the absolute best choice of bridesmaid attire. There’s the bride in her lovely pillow case dress with vintage pattern, and there are her bridesmaids, wearing cute little organic numbers… with an old apron thrown over it. We don’t explain the trends, we just tell you all about them.

Hipster weddings will continue to puzzle us for years to come, and there’s no real harm to them at all. It’s just that when you think everyone needs to get married barefoot and that old cardboard boxes make great centerpieces that you should take a step back.

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