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Strategic Planning: How To Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality

by Lauren Jacobson

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Making your dream wedding a reality does not have to be overly stressful or difficult as long as you plan ahead, book vendors well in advance, stay on budget, communicate and consider any and all contingency plans.

CommunicateCommunicate with your partner. The wedding planning process is often a point of stress in the relationship. Some partners do not wish to participate while others want to be a part of the process. You both need to sit down and be honest with one another about your expectations and desires for the planning process and, more importantly, the big day. You should discuss everything from location preferences to guest lists and particularly the budget.The Budget

The dreaded budget is often considered a four-letter word to most brides, and few people have limitless funds and resources. You need to be realistic. Create a list of everything you want. Just because it is a dream does not mean it cannot come true with a little flexibility and imagination.

If you see something in a magazine you adore but cannot afford, look for a less expensive option. Hire someone from a smaller city or an up-and-coming fashion designer to make your dream gown or hire a startup catering company looking to make their mark in the industry. These professionals are often a fraction of the cost and often work harder than someone who has an established reputation.

Contingency Plans

It is likely that you will face some sort of logistical or operational challenge during the implementation of your wedding day. This is a reality of your dream wedding; however, if you have contingency plans in place, you will escape any sort of disaster.

Keep a checklist and check it not once or twice, but fives times two weeks before the wedding. Ask all bridesmaids to transport their dresses as carry-on items or to ship the dress ahead. Order extra boutonnieres in case any become damaged. If the wedding is outdoors, have a tent on reserve in case it rains or have a backup indoor location. You should also keep a list of your second and third-choice vendors in case one backs out during the planning stage. If you can think of a possible catastrophe, plan for it.

Whatever your dream may be, planning is the key to making it a reality. Plan for every possible disastrous scenario during your strategic planning so that your wedding truly is a dream come true.

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