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Skip the DIY: Two Things You Need to Leave to the Professionals

by Lauren Jacobson

Wedding Dont’s for Do-it-Yourself Projects

 According to a 2014 Social Study by SharThis, Pinterest, is the third largest platform, for sharing digital media, in the entire world. Users of Pinterest can post photos and do-it-yourself stories that make anything from a simple recipe to redoing an entire wing of your house, look easy. A bride-to-be surfing for wedding ideas stands a good chance of suddenly acquiring a newly-found confidence in her abilities to take care of most, if not all of the details of the wedding by herself.

The truth is, many aspects of a wedding can be easily converted into home-made projects. It can be fun and cost effective to come up with your own unique ways to stylize your wedding according to your own preferences and budget; however, not every task is easier done than outsourced.

One good rule of thumb to use is this: many of the jobs that can be completed prior to your wedding day, are fodder for a DIY. Any important task that must be done, and done right, on the day of the wedding, should be contracted to professional. Not only will you be saving yourself a world of trouble, but you will free yourself up to enjoy your day. Some of the most important details of your wedding to try to avoid doing yourself are the following:

The Cake:
The cake is arguably the centerpiece of the wedding. The style of the cake is traditionally an extension of the style of your wedding. The cake has a big job. Not only does it need to be gorgeous, but it needs to feed all of your guests and taste good too. That is no easy feat. Catering Guru Chas Shattuck, Owner of Mommy Bakes says “There is definitely a lot more to making a pretty cake than most think. It takes skill, timing and practice. Stacking a cake is not something to “think” you can do.” In addition to the baking itself, the cake will need to be transported, carried in and arranged in time for your reception. These are all jobs that will put you in a virtual frenzy if you have to take time of your day to get them done.

The Photos:
The photos from your wedding will be with you for the rest of your life. They are the one reminder of everything you felt and did on the big day. Should you end up with unimpressive photos or, worse yet, no photos at all, you will, most likely, have big regrets. Professional Photographer Norma Boyd of Norma Boyd Photography says: “You can’t trust friends and family to take your photos, because they don’t know what they are looking for in a professional wedding photo. A wedding photographer has to be in to many places all at once and typically unprofessional photos miss a lot.” The same can also be said for the video. Find someone who knows what they are doing so they can best capture the entirety of the wedding.

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