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Planning A Wedding In Miami, Florida

by admin

Planning a wedding in Miami Florida is very similar to most wedding planning. However, there are some differences you need to be aware of to make the situation as great as possible.


Organize Inspiration


Getting organized starts months in advance, and needs to be done with a “brainstorming” mindset. Leaf through catalogs, magazines and any sources of inspiration you can find, and put together a binder that will help you store all of the ideas. While many of these ideas may not end up in the wedding itself, every so often two ideas will merge together into something truly interesting. Without organization, you will inevitably find yourself half remembering something amazing but being unable to pinpoint it. With proper organization, you will be able to combine ideas both professionally and pleasingly.


Determine a Reasonable Budget… and Pad It


Weddings are notorious for being pricey occasions, and spending tens of thousands of dollars for one day is a common occurrence. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is important to note the prices for everything and everyone involved. Keep in mind that you will need to accommodate for many things, including:


  • – Hotel rooms for out of town guests
  • – Restroom, electrical and structural necessities
  • – Primary venue
  • – Floral arrangements
  • – Food, including the cake
  • – Backup venue in case of excessive rain or heat


It is also important to pad the budget by at least 20 percent. This way, if there is an unexpected expense or you incorrectly estimate what is going to happen, you can accommodate this without either panicking or having to skimp on something important due to lack of funds.


Get the Right People Involved


You need to organize a lot of people in a fairly short amount of time. Our reception package includes:


  • – Catering
  • – Photographer
  • – Officiant
  • – Wedding party
  • – Guests
  • – Entertainment
  • – Florist


The right people need to know as quickly as they can what they will be expected to do, when and in what way. Our professionals reception package includes deals that you can purchase that will make the process easier for you to select. This will allow you to use the budget effectively and settle each matter in an orderly fashion, and you will also be able to know what the ceremony will entail.


Get Dates and Venues Solid


Sending save the date cards is important to do as far as 8 months before the ceremony itself. To do this properly, you need to actually know what the date will be. As well, you need to secure the venue as early as you can to make sure it will be available when you want it. The sooner you have a solid idea of when and where the wedding will happen, the more easily you can share this with everyone involved. You should also make arrangements for the backup venue, in case of serious inclement weather. Grand Salon Reception Hall and Ballroom have so many options to choose from, and they are always ready for weather mishaps.

You also want to organize the event so that the wedding and reception allow plenty of time between them. The venues should be easy to get to and you should supply simple directions from major landmarks in the area, particularly for out of town guests.


Backup Plans — Plan B is Not Enough


It is always tempting to think that backup plans are not necessary, but they are. Particularly during hurricane season, a backup plan is vital to a successful wedding. Make sure your backup plans are on everyone’s itinerary and communicate quickly if the plan changes. Having two or three backup possibilities makes the likelihood of success an even higher one.


Planning a wedding in Miami can be challenging. But keep organized and your plan will succeed.

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