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To Plan or Not to Plan: Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

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Okay, so you are planning a wedding. Thinking of hiring a wedding planner to help you out with the details. Its actually not a bad thing to do. Wedding planners can take care of everything, things you would normally have to handle yourself. Putting a wedding together is stressful enough with the big decisions, without all the peripheral decisions involved.

Truth is though that–like anything else in life–there are both pros and cons to hiring a wedding planner. Let’s first take a look at the cons.

The Cons:

1) You will have to give over some of the control. This can be rather difficult, especially for those who like to be in control. If you have a Type A personality, a wedding planner might not be a good fit, at least depending on the compatibility of personalities. According to many planners, Type A clients tend to have the same mindset; however, this mindset has to coincide with the planner’s outlook if they hope to work together successfully. You have to make sure you both of you are on the same page, otherwise it’s not going to work.

2) It’s going to cost you extra. Do planners have the inside track on things you could never get? Yes. However, you need to be practical. For those who already have a stretched budget, this might not be a good idea.

3) Wedding planners also charge an extra 10-15% service fee for their work.

4) Wedding planners come with pre-packaged deals. Some of these deals might not be negotiable. Think about this carefully.

5) You will also have to deal with him or her on a regular basis, meaning practically every day for the period of time you’re planning. Depending on yours and the planner’s personality, this could be both good and bad, potentially running smoothly or creating even more stress.

The Pros:

1) The first reason hiring a wedding planner can be a good thing is also the most obvious reason: you won’t have to deal with most of the tiny details. You can just let the wedding planner do it for you. This is what you are paying the planner for anyways, so take a step back and let the planner handle the headaches.

2) Your planner will have inside information. With his or her network of contacts, you can save yourself some money. The best part is you won’t have to speak to dozens of different people as you get ready for your big day. Your planner speaks to them and negotiates for you.

3) Everything will go off like clockwork. Everything is planned and organized. All you have to do is think about getting married to the love of your life, nothing more.

4) If something goes wrong during your day, your planner takes care of it. A good planner will always be on top of the situation.

5) Your wedding planner isn’t going to bother you about stupid details. If anything comes up, he or she troubleshoots on their own and just shows you the final results.


When push comes to shove, there aren’t many things in life that are perfect. Your wedding day is one moment that should be though, which is why having somebody around whose sole job is making sure things are perfect can be an asset. Yes, there are cons to hiring a wedding planner; however, the pros come out on top.

Regardless of your own reasoning, think it over and decide for yourself. At the end of the day, hiring a wedding planner could be the saving grace you and your fiancé are looking for.

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