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New Wedding Trends of 2015 That You Need to Know About

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Are you looking to create a trend setting wedding?

If so, there are all sorts of new trends for 2015 you need to take into consideration. Even if you are just newly engaged and only know if the date of your wedding doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start planning on the rest of the features. After all, you have a lot to do and it really sneaks up on your quickly. With the help of these wedding trends, you can stand out from the crowd.

First, everything British is extremely popular this year. Between the appear of Princess Kate and actually the show Downtown Abbey, British influences is very hip right now. So, having a mid afternoon tea reception in a garden is a desirable option. Plus, tables are often uncovered in order to provide a simple look, although you can add in some vintage lace cloth. Just remember that vintage lace is extremely in.

Many weddings are now featuring a leak, clean color palette with bold accents. This can be a shade of white or ivory and than just a subtle pop of red or even a black and white with a subtle hint of emerald. Basically, you need to think modern but clean. Your floral arrangements can even go right along with this look as well. In fact, you can combine both the fresh, clean look with the British invasion with English roses, hydrangeas, dahlias or other looks. The flowers are dramatic and also scream romance. Also remember to include as much greenery as possible. You really can’t get enough greenery. Include greenery in your table runners and throughout. This is actually something you can include with the beverage selection as well. A nice cocktail menu with mint, rosemary and lemon leaf can tie everything together. Plus, having rosemary and mint in your food items really ties everything together.

Whatever you do with the flowers though, try to keep everything seasonal. You don’t want to try to go with flowers that are out of season. The life of these flowers that must be flown in are shorter (and more expensive). Instead, try to go with something that is locally grown. It is really going to make your wedding feel more complete and it also should help trim down the price tag. You want the just-picked look at your wedding, but you also want the smaller price tag as well.

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