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Miami’s Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party

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Bride And Groom Dancing Next To Stilt Entertainers | Miami's Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party | Blogs

La Hora Loca may be new to the New York Times, but in South Florida it is a time honored tradition born of the region’s close relations with Latin America.

The perpetually hype tradition may have originated in South America or Spain, it depends on who you ask. But the Hora Loca is also a distinctly Miami creation in the unique flavor that our amazing city adds to the recipe. And by the way, all of the images featured in this article are from actual Hora Loca celebrations at Grand Salon Reception Hall.

At Grand Salon Reception Hall we are your Hora Loca specialists, with everything from Carnaval ready Brazilian style showgirls, to stiltwalkers, and wacky characters who lead conga lines and limbo processions, in funny masks, while they hand out hats, props, balloon twisters, and more. Their entrance signals that it’s time to hype the your guests up in the party’s waning hours and build the energy for the afterparty.

Hora Loca Light Robot Entertainment | Miami's Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party | Blogs

The Miami Herald notes that the trend is especially popular here in Miami and that the tradition is spreading quickly between cultures. Because South Florida is home to so many different cultures, traditions that would normally be segmented along cultural lines are given free reign to intermingle and create wholly new more cosmopolitan variants.

Dancers Entertainers Girl In Dress Party | Miami's Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party | Blogs

Some people say that the Hora Loca was born in Venezuela, others claim it’s Argentina, even others say that it was in the party capital Madrid that it originated.

We believe that it probably was born organically and concurrently in various countries at once. Any culture that appreciates a great party that lasts until the very early morning probably had a similar idea at the same time.

Four Hora Loca Entertainers In Carnival Clothes And Stilts | Miami's Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party | Blogs

Grand Salon loves and appreciates the unique cultures that make South Florida so special. And our Hora Loca powers are as mighty as wizard’s sleeve unleashing its magic on any occasion.

Entertainers On Stilts Bride Wedding Dress Reception | Miami's Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party | Blogs

Not only do we provide the perfect venue, professional chef, full liquor bars, photographers, videographers, sound, lights, DJ, candy bars for birthday treats, and every element for an unforgettable wedding, corporate event, birthday, quinceañera, bat or bar mitzvah, and even family reunion; but we do it with a smile. Grand Salon Reception Hall is your one stop shop for a South Florida party that is affordable, exceptional, fun, exciting, classy, and inviting.

Four Images With Entertainers Bride And Dancers | Miami's Best Hora Loca Entertainment For Your Party | Blogs

And to top it all off, we are Hora Loca specialists. Whether you have experienced this wonderful phenomenon many times, or have yet  feel the fun and excitement that it brings to any affair, you can count on Grand Salon and our experienced professional performs to sweep your party off its feet and create a level of excitement that will last in your memories for the rest of your life.


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