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Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With

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The wedding bouquet is one of the strongest images that people associate with any marriage ceremony. And in Miami, we are offered a bountiful harvest of the most amazing palette of fresh flowers this side of the hemisphere.

But how do you choose the colors and styles that speak to the power of the union being formed? Look to the symbolic meanings of these fresh cut beauties to ascertain just how many volumes of truth they speak about the hands of those who hold them.

Together, man and woman walk down the aisle and grow into the role of husband and wife. Just like a flower grows from the Earth so perfectly and naturally, so does their glorious union form a beauteous sight that fills the air with fragrant love, passion, beauty, and energy. Here are some popular bouquet styles to inspire your own Miami wedding and what they really mean.

Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With | Blogs

Bouquet of Roses – Photo by Sherrymain on Flickr via Wikimedia Commons (creative commons)

Red and White Roses
Roses are the classy choice for any occasion, and when it comes to your wedding day, you deserve the best. From the soft petals, to the regal stature they afford all who hold them, long stem roses are the clearly top billed choice for any truly showy and beautiful bouquet. Not only are roses the most popular wedding flower, but their inextricable linkt to the concept of love and loving relationships is probably why.


Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With | Blogs

White Rose Wedding Bouquet – photo via Wikimedia Commons (public domain) 

White Roses –
Another great thing about roses is that they can be hand picked to match any wedding’s color theme. White roses are clearly one of the most royal selections of the bunch. Their color’s association is with purity, innocence, sensuality, and true love. Every princess in the world dreams of one day marrying her knight in shining armor and greeting the day of wedded bliss with a bouquet of white roses to toss over her shoulders.


Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With | Blogs

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet – Photo by Jina Lee via Wikimedia Commons (creative commons) http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rose_hydrangea_calla_wedding_bouquet.jpg

Orange Hydrangeas
The hydrangea flower is strongly associated with heartfelt emotions, and the color orange is symbolic of love that grows from friendship. So as you can see, thie orange hydrangea wedding bouquet signifies the true and heartfelt love between the man and wife that has formed through the bond of friendship. If you and your mate met first as friends this might be the perfect wedding bouquet for your Miami wedding.


Bride And Bridesmaids In Dinning Room Area With Table Settings | Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With | Blogs

Red And Orange Flowers Together – 
Red is the color of passion, and orange also symbolizes the power of the sun to give life and growth through nourishment. Together, red and orange form the symbolic bouquet of everlasting love growing infinitely throughout the marriage over time. The pair form a union that compliments the blissful nature of the wedding ceremony and the enrgy of the occasion, its celebration, and the lifelong memories created by all those who witness the tying of the knot.



Bride In Wedding Dress Getting Out Of White Car | Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With | Blogs

Pink Roses –
Pink is a very special color in the pantheon of bridal colorways. It signifies sweetness, innocence, elegance, and grace. As we have already discussed what roses mean and why they’re the most popular, it’s easy to see that flora arrangements including pink roses invoke an extra level of sophistication. Pink is also similar to purple and violet, which are both royal colors that command attention as well as admiration in all those who view them. Finally, this popular shade also connotes faith, one of the most important tenets of any successful marriage.

Bride With Bouquet Sitting In Grooms Lap | Miami Wedding Bouquets Your Wedding Party Will Fall In Love With | Blogs

Green Accents –
A wedding bouquet with green flowers or leaves prominently displayed offer a subtle and organic message of growth, renewal, health, and vibrant life. In South Florida, green is one of the most abundant colors and its subtropical powers invoke energy and a thriving relationship. It’s natural, optimistic, and well suited for any wedding bouquet.


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