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How To Make Your Own Wedding Dress

by Lauren Jacobson

A wedding is a very special occasion. Many women spend years thinking about the details of their future wedding. If possible, a bride wants to control every part of the wedding as much as possible. Very often this includes the type of wedding dress she will wear.

DIY 80’s Dress
Miami Banquet Halls | How To Make Your Own Wedding Dress | Blogs
Many stores offer ready made wedding dresses. A bride can try on a wedding dress and buy it. She can also try on a sample wedding dress and then have a similar one made to her specifications. However, some brides find this process unsatisfying. They may not see the kind of wedding dress they want on the shelves or may face budgetary considerations that limit their choices. In that case, if the bride has sewing skills, she will often decide to make her own wedding dress. Making your own wedding dress can be the ideal way to get the exact dress to suit someone’s personal style.

DIY Prairie Dress

Miami Banquet Halls | How To Make Your Own Wedding Dress | Blogs

The first thing to do when making a wedding dress is to decide on the design of the wedding dress. Ideas for a wedding dress can be found in many places include magazines, bridal stores and online. The bride will need to decide on all details of the dress. This includes basics such as the length of the dress, the type of sleeves and the kind of neckline. Other details will need to be thought about including the length of any train being used and the type of skirt that will worn.

DIY Paper Dress

Miami Banquet Halls | How To Make Your Own Wedding Dress | Blogs

Once a bride has worked out the basic design of the dress, she can begin shopping for materials and picking out a color. Wedding dresses are made from many types of material including lace, satin, velvet and even jersey. Wedding dress colors can also vary from a bright white to an ivory to even a dress with a hint of color in it. A bride on her second wedding may opt for a more tailed look and even a dress that is not a shade of white.

DIY Sleveless Dress

Miami Banquet Halls | How To Make Your Own Wedding Dress | Blogs

After the materials have been picked out, the bride can create a pattern for the dress. Then the material will be cut out to match the bride’s measurements. At this point, the dress is ready to be sewn. Many fittings may be necessary in order to get an exact fit. Many brides consider this worth it to get the exact look they want on their very special day. Using this formula only works if you already have a little design acumen. If you’re like me, you might need more of a “step by step” guide to creating your own wedding dress. I’ve designed a few, and the following resources helped me through the process as well as gave me ideas.

DIY Wedding Instructables

Cinderella Dress Part 1

Part 2

$10 Wedding Dress

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