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Ideas For Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

by Lauren Jacobson

When you’re about to take that leap of faith into marriage, celebrating that last night of freedom can be a right of passage for many! We all know the stereotypes of a bachelor or bachelorette party, and sewing your wild oats one more time might seem like a blast, but if you want to make sure your partner and soon-to-be-spouse is really ready to tie the knot, consider starting your life together one night early! Instead of doing separate parties, try bringing your bachelor/bachelorette parties together to form one superb night of chaos and fun! Here are a few ideas on how to get started with this:

Hotel California:

This is particularly easy to do with destination weddings. Work with the hotel you and your guests are staying at to create a nightclub dance floor in the ballroom for the evening before your wedding. Make sure it’s complete with an open bar, and let your bridesmaids and best men work out the “entertainment” for the evening! A hotel also gives you the room to go your separate ways after kicking off your night with a joint celebration, if you do still want to have your traditional separate parties as well.

Go Cruising (Literally!):

Renting a dinner cruise can be super romantic, but also a super fun party space. Many late night river cruises in major cities offer dance floors, bars, full dining options, and all that you need for your party. The added atmosphere of a ship deck romance will help you remember all the love between you, and being trapped together on a boat for a few hours will be a good warm-up for the rest of your married life! (At any rate you’ll find out if you really are ready to be stuck with one another!)

Champagne And Shackles:

This might take you back to your college days, but a champagne and shackles party might be the perfect joint party option. (For those not familiar with this concept, it’s simple: Each party guest has a partner to which they’re handcuffed. The pair is given a bottle of champagne, which they must finish together in order to be un-cuffed.) It’s also perhaps one of the best tongue-in-cheek metaphors you can create with a themed party!

Whether you want to have a quiet dinner and polite conversation or go completely crazy, remembering the night only through photographs you’ll have to untag on Facebook before your boss sees them, you and your fiancĂ© can make your bachelor and bachelorette parties a night to remember by combining forces to create one over-the-top night of fun!

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