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How To Have A Low Budget Wedding In Miami, FL

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How To Have A Low Budget Wedding In Miami Fl | Blogs

Your wedding is a matter that does not have to be expensive to be enjoyable to all who attend it. When you consider how to budget for a wedding, there are many components you need to be aware of. Each of these can drive up your budget, or worse break the budget altogether.


Know Your Budget


Many people who will put weeks of thought into buying a car and months or years of thought into buying a home will think very little about the overall expense of their wedding. The most important part of your wedding budget is to actually have one, and to account for overages within this budget. It is too easy to allow yourself to spend thoughtlessly on “stuff” that will not create a great experience, but that simply exist for their own sake. Define your budget carefully from the beginning based upon what is most important to you.




The venue can, in itself, be the ultimate exercise in how to have a low budget wedding versus a higher budget one. With your venue choice, you can either go large or small, fancy or basic. There is no right or wrong involved with this, either. You can hold a wedding in your own home, or you can rent the largest and most lavishly decorated space your city has to offer. In either case, your budget will be a significant factor. Do you want a larger and fancier space at the expense of other budget items, or do you want to be more frugal on the space and spend your budget on another portion of the wedding?




A very important aspect of your wedding budget is the food to be served. If you are having a dinner, this is going to substantially impact the budget. If you are merely going to have a snack, this can save a tremendous sum from the catering costs. Having more than one entire meal can double the budget, particularly if you have not spent lavishly on the venue and your guest list is a large one. Less expensive food choices, smaller portion sizes and less courses can trim this part of the budget without leaving your guests feeling hungry or otherwise unsatisfied.


Lodging for Guests


If all of your guests are local, lodging will not be an issue at all. If only a small number of your guests are not local, you may be able to allow them to sleep in your home. If the majority of your guest list is from out of town, you may want to rent a block of hotel rooms for them to stay in. This can be a very large addition to your budget, and this should inform whom you invite in the first place. Trimming down the list by a dozen people may take a thousand dollars or more off of your budget this way.


People to Hire


Who will you use as your photographer? Who will you employ for catering? Will you be hiring a florist, or will you ask guests to bring flowers? Every individual or company you hire will add to your budget, so you need to be selective about what services need hiring out. In some cases, members of your bridal party can perform these functions. In some cases, a particular function can be eliminated entirely and may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on something you did not especially want in the first place. The good news is that Grand Salon reception package includes all of this.


There is a lot about how to budget a wedding, and there are few rules. Ultimately, a great experience is the only requirement.


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