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How To Budget A Wedding in Miami, FL

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The nature of how to budget a wedding is complicated, as every couple’s goals are different. While there are some nearly universal goals, the methods of how to have a low-budget wedding ultimately come down to determining what is most important to the couple.


What is Most Important to You?


Many times, when a couple plans their wedding they want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, the type of perfection that most couples pursue involves getting the best of everything. When you are planning a low budget wedding, this is not possible. So you have to triage what is most important to you versus what is not especially important. If the cake is something you know you will remember for the rest of your life, make this a priority and do not be afraid to spend a larger percentage of your total budget on it.


Plan to Overspend


Your original budget is unlikely to be realistic. It is far too easy to see items or services you want and to allow them without immediately realizing the budgetary consequences. First, spend on your highest priorities before anything else and remember how much money you have left over. Second, plan to have 20 percent more cash on hand than your stated budget. Between these two safeguards, you will be far less likely to go into debt for your wedding or to come up short on the honeymoon or another financial aspect of your life.


Guest List


The number of guests on your list can exponentially increase the logistical challenges of your wedding. When you consider how to budget for a wedding, think through how much each guest will cost. This is not merely a matter of renting a larger number of chairs, though that can escalate the price. This is also a matter of leasing a sufficiently large space, providing food for them and even renting a block of hotel rooms so that out of town guests do not have to find their own accommodations. Adding even a small number of guests to the list can dramatically increase your overall costs, which can become a tremendous strain on your budget.




The venue is a part of your wedding that you will remember forever. However, often the best venues are not the most expensive. Often, hiking through an area with your significant other and searching for an area that combines excellent parking with a memorable view and then using the space is the most cost effective measure, provided the weather cooperates. Often, public spaces can be obtained with nothing more than a permit. If you ask politely, land owners will often allow you to use their land for little to no cost. This can be a substantial savings versus renting a ballroom, but remember to keep restroom facilities and water for your guests. Finding the right wedding venues in Miami can get stressful, so let Grand Salon Reception Hall and Ballroom help you in making the right selection.





Catering, photography and entertainment are all important and all expensive. Often, designating a family member with a keen eye as photographer can cut costs dramatically. This is another area where determining what your priorities are can help you decide what is worth spending a lot on and what can be minimized, or even outright eliminated. If you have a local family member who loves to cook and you are willing to help out, catering may be a place where you cut costs substantially.




Giving your guests a lot of party favors is not generally a good way to cut costs. In fact, sometimes you can decorate with found objects for a unique look that costs very little.

You can plan an inexpensive wedding if you are careful.

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