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Hottest Wedding Dress Trends for 2014

by Lauren Jacobson

If you’re preparing for your big day, one of your main concerns will be what to wear. Your wedding dress should be a reflection of your personal style, but can also be a nod to the trends of the year. Here are a few 2014 styles you may want to consider as you’re searching for the perfect dress.

The Modern Dress

A sleek, modern silhouette that is flattering but not too form-fitting is completely on trend for 2014. The dress will ideally fall to the ankles and have a split in the back for easy movement. If your ceremony will be in a place where the weather is warm, modest cut-outs accented with lace or sheer material make the dress more interesting.

Dresses With Capes

A wedding dress with a cape is whimsical and classy. designers like Monique Lhuillier have created wedding dresses made of silk crepe with flared bottoms and a form-fitting cape that fits beautifully over the shoulders. The shiny consistency of the material is particularly eye-catching, and the shape of the dress and cape are especially feminine and carefree.Pant-Dress Ensemble

A wedding pants suit with a skirt that is attached to the bodice and opens in the middle is a modern take on one of the classiest pieces of attire. Rosa Clara designed a strapless wedding gown that features silk pants that come to the ankle and a full skirt. This wedding ensemble looking especially striking with a nude-colored, medium-length heel.

Form-Fitting Maxi Dress

A silk dress that hugs your curves and sweeps the floor is an elegant wedding gown choice. Dresses with a V-neck lines are also flattering, as they are both classy and sexy. If you’re having an evening wedding, you may want to add long gloves to your wedding look to make the look even more formal. A short veil or a birdcage hat can also complete the look without taking any attention away from the dress.

No matter which trendy wedding look you choose, remember to have your dress fitted a few times before your ceremony. It’s also a good idea to have small, personal elements added to your dress, such as a lace waistband or silk sleeves in one of your wedding colors, so your bridal attire will truly be memorable and one of a kind.

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