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Geekiest Wedding Rings of All Time

by Lauren Jacobson

When choosing a wedding ring, it’s very important to pick something meaningful, something absolutely personal and unique that serves as a symbol of your love. In this technologically-inclined age, it’s not uncommon for young lovers to be brought together by a mutual love for a hobby, whether it be video games, television, or anything else. Here are some of the best, most personal wedding rings out there to suit the geekier side of love.


elegant wedding reception

Pokéball Engagement Ring

This unique, well-crafted ring by Paul Michael Design is the ultimate way to show your love to any Pokémon fan. Just hope that your spouse doesn’t plan to “catch ’em all”, in this case.


elegant wedding reception

Indiana Jones Engagement Ring

It’s said that this custom ring’s commissioner originally gave his love a box with a bag of sand in it and said “Jones must have gotten there first”, so he had more time for this to be made. We don’t know how well that went over with the bride-to-be, but we’re sure this beautiful piece made up for it.


elegant wedding reception

Twilight Engagement Ring

For a fan of the recent blockbuster Twilight series, you can’t do much better than this beautiful sterling silver ring, which is an exact replica of the ring given from Edward to Bella in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Adorned with hundreds of tiny, glimmering crystals, this ring really is an impressive sight.


elegant wedding reception

R2 Impressions Engagement Ring

Another piece from Paul Michael Design, this ring’s obvious resemblance to R2-D2 will appeal to most any die-hard Star Wars fan — and, reference aside, it’s a beautifully detailed ring all on its own.


elegant wedding reception

Superman Engagement Ring

A subtle but recognizable nod to the world’s most powerful superhero is evident in this design by Matthew Valentine. Not only does it boast a particularly unique design and a diamond cut in the shape of Superman’s emblem, but it’s also accented by a pink sapphire for a truly unique and beautiful ring.


elegant wedding reception

Triforce Engagement Ring

This Legend of Zelda-inspired ring by Takayas Custom Jewelry is not only an immediately-recognizable tribute to the series, but also a masterfully crafted piece in and of itself. This surprisingly refined and unique ring will stun any Zelda fan, and impress even those unfamiliar with the series with its one-of-a-kind, elegant design. Truly a work of art.

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