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The Geekiest Wedding Photos You’ve Ever Seen

by Lauren Jacobson

When you’re a geek you let your love for a fandom over take your life, so why not let it over take your wedding too? Here are some of the geekiest wedding photos you have ever seen.

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With a White Walker as the best man and direwolves looking on, there’s no way this wedding could turn out as bad as the Red Wedding.

Photo credit: Geoff Caddick/PA

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If Batgirl and Night wing got married in Gotham City, this is what it would look like.

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Boba Fett the bounty hunter was hired to guard the cake.

Photo credit: Matt Miller

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When this thing hits eighty-eight miles per hour, a honeymoon in the 80s is this bride and groom’s next stop.

miami wedding venues
This bride and groom start their own never-ending story by riding off in a fire breathing snail.

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Though Mal and Inara could never admit their feelings for each other, this couple went ahead with their wedding anyway.

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Here we see Picard making this couple’s marriage so. Resistance is futile.

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This couple begins their adventures in time and space together by taking out a chunk of the TARDIS.

Photo credit: Scott Trippler

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A Dalek tries to exterminate the Doctor and his new bride.

Photo credit: Daniel Ackerly

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The first person to object to this marriage shouted, “It’s a trap,” and then the minister called him a scruffy-looking Nerf Herder.

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That couple needs to watch out, because that creeper is going to explode right behind them and ruin their reception.

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Ninjas just don’t blend in very well at a wedding.

 Photo credit: Stone Images Photography

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Yoda says, “Husband and wife, I declare you. Kiss the bride, you now may.”

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Luckily, this plumber finally found the right castle that his lovely princess was in and they could get married.

Photo credit: Lehua Noelle Faulkner

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This couple had a robot called the I-Fairy robot officiate their wedding.

 Photo credit: Reuters

miami wedding venues
These Katamari Damacy fans are ready to roll up the world together after their wedding.

Photo credit: Kristen Shultz

miami wedding venues
It’s kill or be killed in this Hunger Games wedding.

Photo credit: Carmen Santorelli

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