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Free Resources for Brides to Be

by Lauren Jacobson

Your Local Library. It may seem antiquated, but most libraries have books and magazines on wedding planning, which can save you a lot of money that might otherwise have been spent on impulse book buys online. As a bonus, you can look up local parks, monuments, and places of historical interest if you’re still looking for a venue.

CaratsAndCake.com has a good directory of local vendors. Also gives you a chance to check out beautiful wedding photos from across the country for inspiration.

Newlywish.com is a great free registry service. Be warned, though: When you sign up, the site refers to your intended as ‘Your Schmoopie.’ More in its favor, it also has a ‘Browse by Style’ option that’s surprisingly customized.

Pinterest.com seems like a no-brainer to many, but the possibilities that arise while paging through the wedding pins of someone with similar taste can not be underestimated.

Google “Free Wedding Samples” Knowing that you may end up being big spenders for your big day, many companies are willing to send free samples to court you. This gives you a chance not only to have possible invitations or fabrics in your hand, but also to gauge a company’s customer service in case you want to order from them in the future.

Craigslist If you live in a city, there are hundreds or thousands of people near you getting married each year. Many of them went out and bought tons of bridal books, magazines, and even clothes that they’ve used once and don’t need anymore, so they may be looking to sell them or give them away. Craigslist is also good for finding local photographers, event planners, and so on.

Seatingarrangement.com Free software to help you get organized if you’re planning on planning the wedding yourself.

Your Friends Sometimes, we get so caught up in making everything perfect that we forget to talk to our best resources. Have a gathering just to give your friends a chance to bring their ideas, old wedding and marriage books, secret knowledge, and assorted volunteered resources. If you’re looking for a friendly ring-bearing dog or just reviews on dress shops, your friends are bound to be able to help.

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