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Fall Wedding Trends for Miami Weddings

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It’s never too early to start planning for the perfect autumn wedding. Just think of the crisp air and holiday cheer. Nothing says romance like a storybook ceremony in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable with all of your friends and family by your side.

And one of the most beautiful places on Earth to be this or any Fall is Miami, Florida, where the weather’s always gorgeous, the style’s always hot, and the looks are always cool.

So for all of you upcoming brides and grooms, here are the hottest trends for Fall weddings in Miami. And all photos were taken at actual Grand Salon Reception Hall weddings. Enjoy!

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European Style – From Victorian lace to boutique inspired clothes from the trunks of Milan, to decorations, and even floral arrangements, the influence of romantic capitals like Barcelona, Rome, and Paris are making a big impression in South Florida couture this year. Look for designs heavily influenced by the major European fashion houses like Versace, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton. From grand and sparkling dresses to highly stylized fonts as patterns, romanticism is alive and well in Miami for all wedding planners this year.


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Fall Wedding Colors – Throughout most of the United States the autumn season is one clearly marked by the changing colors of and falling of the leaves. Miami still experiences the phenomenon, but it’s a little bit different. While the temperatures do finally descend from their summer heights, the shift is slightly less dramatic than elsewhere. However, Miami is still a fashion capital of the world that takes its style seriously and you will definitely find copper hues, autumn accents, and a rich, organic, and Earthy color palette in a variety of fabrics including fine silk. From the napkin holder rings to the linen, and sconces, Fall Wedding colors are definitely in this year in Miami.


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Off The Shoulder Gowns –  Miami fall weddings are about to get just a little more sexy now that the big trend in wedding gown design is for dresses that bare shoulders. For couples who are not consecrating their vows on holy grounds, there is more freedom for them to show more skin than in years past. This falls right in line with the Miami fashion ethos of “less is more.” And since the weather is sure to still carry some of the warmth of the summer sun, Miami’s fall weddings are the perfect place for the bride to dare to bare it all.


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Choreographed Reception Entrance – This great fall wedding trend isn’t new, but it also isn’t going away anytime soon. As long as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are a presence in our lives we are going to continue seeing wedding parties that are actually music video sets, and music video sets that are actually wedding parties. Look for professional choreographers, dance instructors, and gymnastics coaches to join the retinue of wedding professionals in the coming years. And this season, just enjoy spectacular entertainment from the bride and groom as well as their backup dancing bridesmaids and groomsmen.


As you can see, Fall Weddings in Miami offer a wonderful assortment of style, flavor, and entertainment, and Grand Salon is always on the leading edge of new American wedding trends. If you are looking for the perfect affordable wedding venue for your fall wedding in South Florida, look no further than Grand Salon Reception Hall. From country club estate surroundings, to private gazebo, banquet hall, reception and ceremony venues, to food, drink, entertainment, decoration, and photo/video options, we have exactly what you’re looking for. Add in our award winning chef, amazing customer service, and longstanding experience, and we can help make your event simply unforgettable. Click here to find out more.

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