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How To Create The Perfect Miami Winter Wedding Favors

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Having a beautiful winter wedding in the Sunshine State? Then you’ll need some cute party favors to give your guests. If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas though, look no further. Wherever you live in Florida, these are a few easy DIY ideas that your family and friends will love:

  • Nothing portrays winter better than poinsettias. Paint little pots an earth-toned color and wrap each one with a silky white bow. Attach a tag with each guests name on the ribbon. Plant beautiful poinsettias in the pots and arrange them on a table. They are not only stunning to look at, but they last a long time through the Florida weather.
  • A tasty treat is sure to please, and nothing tastes better during winter than a warm chocolate chip cookie. Gather enough mason jars for your guests and buy all the ingredients needed to make the cookies from scratch. Add a layer of ingredients in each jar one by one. For example: a layer of flour on the bottom, salt in the middle, chocolate chips on the top layer, etc. Therefore, the guest can simply pour the ingredients into a bowl, add some butter and water and make their own batch of chocolate chip cookies. Add a sticker tag to the jar with a name on it and extra instructions such as the oven temperature. Be sure to measure all ingredients appropriately for maximum flavor.
  • Fireplaces are perfect on a cold winter day. And while winter comes rarely in Florida, a match box is a fun way to portray the usual hot weather. Buy some match boxes and attach a photo or paint a cute fireplace on the back. On the front, you can write some cute puns like, “A match made in heaven,” or “The perfect match”. It is an inexpensive way to portray love and fun in your wedding. Be sure to provide match boxes only to adults.

Don’t let the absence of cold weather in your town stop you from enjoying the perfect winter wedding. Add a bit of your own flair to each idea for an original style. Friends and family members alike will thoroughly enjoy these creative and crafty party favors and will always remember your Floridian winter wonderland wedding.

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