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Common Mistakes Newlywed Couples Make and How to Avoid Them

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As a marriage begins, newlywed couples should often look to see whether they are experiencing any communication problems that can spell trouble during a honeymoon period. While the early days of a wedding and marriage can be the happiest time of a person’s life, it’s also important for people in the first period of marriage to remember that it is normal for a couple to experience some stress. Here are just a few common mistakes newlywed couples tend to make, and how couples can avoid or deal with them.

Communication Skills Have Not Been Developed
For many people, the first few months of marriage can be a happy but confusing time. A couple may find that as a marriage develops, communication skills between each party must be solidified. This is especially true for a couple living together for the first time. Taking time to articulate needs and establish differences in communication patterns is vital for a marriage to succeed.Interference in Decision-Making
However positive the intention on the part of others, sometimes interference from extended family members or friends can make or break a marriage. This state of conflict can become especially true when a couple decides to have children together. When too many people are asserting control over the privacy of a marriage, tensions can mount and create arguments between couples. Expressing the need for privacy to others can be a great way for a couple to retain their sense of autonomy in marriage decisions.Allocation of Chores
While it may seem like an unimportant matter, many couples find that one of the most frustrating things they find in their partners is an unclear set of expectations about doing chores. When one partner is left to clean up messes alone each day, for example, tensions between people can heat up fast. When anger is at the base of a marriage, problems are sure to follow.For these reasons, couples hoping to have successful and happy marriages should focus on building trust as newlyweds. Fortunately, establishing a happy marriage doesn’t have to be a difficult process. With the right system in place to articulate their needs, couples can make the first stages of marriage stress-free and rewarding.

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