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Best Wedding Dances of All Time

by Lauren Jacobson

Everybody loves a good wedding. There’s the food, seeing old friends and reconnecting with family that gets those giddy feelings going. But far and away one of the most entertaining moments in many weddings occurs at the reception.

Sometimes it’s the first dance between the bride and the groom that has onlookers reminiscing back to the days when they first fell in love. Or it might be the proud glow in a father’s eyes as he swirls his daughter around the floor. But occasionally there’s a dance that just takes your breath away and you know there’s no place in the world you’d rather be. Here are some wedding dances that rank right up there with the best moves ever.

The Masquerade

This bride and groom had it all. They incorporated masks, smoke rising up from the floor, and club-pounding music. Then they ushered in the wedding party and turned it into an all out groove fest.

Undying Love

This has to be one of the most emotional wedding dances of all time. This bride refused to let illness put an end to her hopes of having a father and daughter wedding dance. Her father thought he wouldn’t be able to do it, but his daughter proved that love will find a way.

Silky Smooth

Everyone was in awe as this groom moonwalked, bounced and popped his way across the floor. He recreated the “Smooth Criminal” video right down to the gangster hat cocked to the side. He brought the swagger and attitude to a tee.

Old Switcheroo

The opera music lulled everyone into a false sense of melancholy and then, look out! The couple dropped it like it’s hot, much to the amusement of the kids sitting around the floor.

Motown Review

The talented father and the well-choreographed groomsmen almost put on a whole concert at this wedding reception. They were definitely worth the price of admission, and funny too.

Like Mother Like Son

It’s said that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that is certainly true in this case. This mother and son duo encompassed four generations of music in one snappy routine.

Sibling Love

Much ado has been made about sibling rivalries and spats. But at the end of the day few things are stronger or more moving than witnessing the bond of love between brothers and sisters. The attendees gave this dance a well-deserved standing ovation.

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