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Best Miami Summer Wedding Secrets

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A Summer wedding in Miami can be a hot way to celebrate a new life together.

Although some might be afraid of weather conditions in the subtropical environment, the truth is that South Florida is a wonderful place for all your wedding needs, even in the summer time.

From climate controlled and beautiful indoor conditions to the perfect party with an amazing dance floor, Grand Salon Reception Hall should clearly be your number one choice for your summer wedding in Miami.


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Hotel Rates Will Be Far Cheaper
Now here is where we get to the good stuff! Did you know that summer hotel rentals in Miami can offer remarkable savings over any other time of year? Well it’s true! The summer months fall out of range of the normally exorbitant rates that are the norm throughout the winter. By having a summer wedding in Miami, you can offer your guests a once in a lifetime experience at some of the finest hotels in the tri-county area, and you can do so at an exciting discount.


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Air Conditioning Is Your Friend
Miami is a pure subtropical environment. The summer weather is known for its heat, humidity, and temperatures that soar in to the low 90s, but feel like 105 degrees farenheit. For this reason, you must always remember that air conditioning is your friend. It is the air that soothes all tempers, and insures that everybody will have a comfortable experience on what should be the greatest day of your life.


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The Weather Is Unpredictable
Nearly every day of the summer rainy season features at least one massive thunderstorm replete with buckets of rain, lightning, and furious booms of thunder. This does not mean you shouldn’t have a Miami summer wedding, it just means you have to be aware of the conditions of the natural environment. For instance, many times, afternoon storms open up into amazing sunlight from which the heavens themselves seem to shine down on the ground and freshly watered trees and plants. Summer in Miami is gorgeous, you just have to know what you’re dealing with and prepare accordingly.

Now that you know all about how to enjoy your June, July, and August wedding in Miami, make sure to book a package deal with Grand Salon Reception Hall, your number one source for wedding day values!

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