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Awkward Wedding Photo’s That Will Make You Cringe

  Posted on August 22, 2014

Weddings are suppose to bring out the best in everyone and everything. It is (should be) the event of a lifetime and something to behold. Of course, anyone who has ever gotten married in a wedding ceremony knows that things don’t always go as planned. When it comes to wedding photos, there are always a few that the bride groom and cringe at every-time the album comes out of the drawer. Here are a few wedding photos that are awkward enough to make anyone cringe.

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I’ll Find That Ring –

It’s not really clear who is crazier, the groom going in after the ring or the bride who is willing to wear it after he does.

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Wedding in the Land of Oz –

Look honey, the little people are so cute. I hope we can take a few home with us, and raise them as our own.

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I Love you, Butt –

In a clear moment of affection, you have to wonder if maybe they are checking to see who has the airline tickets for the honeymoon.

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“I Told You “Don’t Drink the Water” –

It’s a good bet that they won’t be wondering too far away from the hotel during the honeymoon.

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I Said I Would Support You 

This is a an who is going to support his life for better or for worse. Who says chivalry is dead?

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Lost Wager –

Obviously, these guys bet their shirts that the groom wouldn’t make it to the alter. Thank goodness that’s all they bet.

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Good grooms are so Hard to Find –

This beautiful couldn’t find a chump to marry, so she went out and bagged herself a real turkey.

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Now that was a Long Time Ago –

If this is one of their original wedding pictures, they must be preparing to celebrate 10,000th wedding anniversary.

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What Do You Have? –

Needless to say, this is neither the time or the place for a game of strip poker.

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This is Un-Bear-Able –

It’s so nice to see that the groom has such a good relationship with his new mother-in-law. What choice does he really have?

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Just Checking! 

On your wedding day, it is always a good idea to check the Port-A-Potty for any foul odors before you go take the plunge.

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I Always Thought It was a Choice 

This is definitely one of those just-in-case moments. Just-in-case he changes his mind.