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8 Extremely Insane Wedding Traditions Around the Globe

by Lauren Jacobson

In many parts of the world, getting married is a joyous and happy time. On the other hand, in some parts of the world it can consist of bizarre wedding traditions and rituals that are not so pleasant.

1. China

In various regions of China, it is customary for a married woman to shave off all but a small patch of hair on the bride’s head. It is believed to be an indication of beauty and purity.

2. Fiji

In Fiji, when a man asks a father for his daughter’s hand in marriage, he is also required to give him a gift of a whale tooth.

3. France

In the country of France, after the wedding ceremony and festivities had ended, the friends of the bride and groom gathered the leftovers, trash, and anything other disgusting items they could find. The couple was then expected to drink the concoction out of a new toilet bowl. Nowadays, the ritual is a bit tamer, because the commode is filled with chocolate.

4. Germany

While quite a few cultures still practice the ritual of briefly kidnapping the bride from the reception, Germany goes a bit further. The night before the wedding,, the bride and groom’s friends abduct the bride. It is then up to the groom to find her and steal her back in time for the wedding.

5. India

Some India cultures require the groom to remove his shoes as he walks towards the altar. The groom’s family is then expected to safeguard the shoes, because it is customary for the bride’s family to steal them. It is much like a sporting event and can become an all-out war to win.

6. Kenya

When attending a Massai wedding in Kenya, it is very common to see the father of the bride spitting on her head and breasts. This is his way of blessing her in her.

7. Mongolia

The Daur people that live in Inner Mongolia have a unique way of confirming a wedding date. The couple to be married must kill a baby chick together as they both hold the knife. They are then required to inspect the dead chick’s liver to see if it is healthy. If the liver appears to be in good condition, they can proceed with setting the date. If not, the procedure must be repeated until they find a chick with a healthy liver.

8. Sweden

Brides and grooms in Sweden must stay together to prevent being smothered in kisses by the guests. For instance, if the groom leaves the table to go to the restroom, every man at the event has the option to kiss the bride until he returns. If the bride leaves her groom alone, then the female guests can cover him in kisses.

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