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50 Wedding Photos Crucial For Your Big Day

by Lauren Jacobson

By documenting your wedding, you’ll be able to relive the happiest day of your life for years to come. Here are just 50 shots that are sure to bring back good memories.

1. The rings on their pillows

2. Sunlight streaming through the empty church

3. Separate shots of the bride and groom getting ready

4. The bride walking down the aisle

5. Moms and grandmothers crying at the scene

6. The groom’s expression as he sees his bride for the first time

7. The bride’s escort giving her away

8. The vows being exchanged

9. The ring sliding on the bride’s finger

10. The veil being lifted

11. The first kiss of husband and wife

12. The cheers of the spectators

13. The happy couple leaving the church under a hail of rice

14. The “just married” car pulling away

15. The bridesmaids all together

16. The groomsmen all together

17. Both sides of the family united

18. The bride playing with the flower girl

19. The groom and the ring bearer comparing muscles

20. Beautiful shots of the arranged bouquets

22. The bride’s bouquet being thrown and caught

23. Toasts being delivered by the guests

24. Tearful and/or laughing reactions to the toasts

25. Children having fun on the dance floor

26. The couple cutting the cake together

27. Smashing the cake on each other’s faces

28. The newlyweds’ first dance

29. The bride and her father waltzing together

30. The groom removing the girdle

31. The groom kissing the bride’s forehead or vice versa

33. An aerial shot of the entire wedding party

34. A “below” shot of joined hands and entwined fingers

35. The wedding party being silly and spontaneous

36. A jumping shot

37. The newlyweds framed against a sunset

38. The groom cradling the bride as they gaze into the distance

39. The happy couple taking a selfie

40. Friends and family members in all combinations

41. The bride removing her shoes with a comically relived expression

42. The bride and groom kissing under her veil

43. Holding up a picture frame for a picture-within-a-picture

44. The bride and groom making their hands into hearts

45. The bride being dipped

46. The groom being dipped

47. Moms and dads arranged on each side of the happy couple

48. The newlyweds holding up a brochure of their honeymoon destination

49. The couple walking away hand-in-hand to start their new life

50: A sweet kiss photo for all of your “thank you” cards

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