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5 Ways to Plan a Wicked Halloween-Themed Wedding

by Miriam Portal

Halloween is fast approaching – it’s a time when kids are thinking of candy, teens are thinking of costumes, and couples are thinking of… weddings? Maybe not that many couples seek the spookiest of ceremonies, but those who do have the unique opportunity to add all sorts of creative touches to a typically traditional event. Here are five of our favorite subtle ways you can incorporate a little trickery into your Halloween wedding:

1. Turn Color Expectations Around
When you think of Western weddings, the color that immediately comes to mind is white. But when you think of Halloween, all sorts of rich hues come to mind – the black of night, the orange of a pumpkin, the green of Frankenstein, the purple of a witch’s brew… the list goes on and on. In keeping with the Halloween theme, feel free to use color to extents you normally would avoid at a traditional white wedding. Your wedding dress is the easiest way to add color while really making a statement – and if you aren’t sure you want to commit to a solid black or colored dress, accent colors in the bride’s gown can be gorgeously subtle.


2. Get Creepy With Your Catering
If you’re going to plan a Halloween-themed wedding, you really have to get creative with the food. Have your bartender plan a menu of spooky or candy-themed cocktails, get a colorful cake, and set out candy-filled goody bags for your guests to take with them when they leave. The devil is in the details – try using cauldrons and pumpkins as bowls, label normal-looking dishes in scary ways, and make ice cubes that look like skulls or eyeballs to creep out guests who won’t be trying the cocktails.


3. Who Needs a Limo?
Why show up in a limo or a fancy vintage car, when you can ride in spacious, spooky style and arrive in a hearse? Though the funeral home may look at you funny for your inquiry, they tend to be used to those types of questions (i.e. “Can you park in front of my haunted house for a few hours?”) around Halloween.

Hearse | 5 Ways To Plan A Wicked Halloween-themed Wedding | Blogs

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Florals
Flowers are a detail many brides stress about because they can go so horribly wrong. They must be kept alive (or at least looking like it) throughout an entire day of events, and must be perfectly color-coordinated and arranged all in advance of the event. Typically brides stick to subtle bouquet styles – pastel tinted if not completely white.


5. Curate a Costume Contest!
As a guest, getting ready for a wedding is typically very similar across the board. No matter what the destination or couple, the pattern of preparation for most weddings is repeated – find a dress or a tux, get your hair done, break in your shoes before the night of. Switch things up for your guests by encouraging them to wear costumes, with the best outfit receiving a prize at the end of the reception. You can even specify if you’d prefer your guests to glam up as famous celebrities or come in makeup as a zombie horde, and since its your wedding, they’ll have to oblige.

So there you have it, five surefire ways to have the most memorable Halloween wedding possible.

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