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5 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party

by admin

Having an engagement party is a blast and a half. Planning an engagement party, on the other hand, can feel like the total opposite. It’s like the phrase, “If you want the sun, you have to put up with the rain.” 

You can’t have an engagement party without first going through the process of planning one! But what if we told you that planning an engagement party did not have to be such a dreadful ordeal? 

When you are equipped with helpful tips and words of wisdom, planning an engagement party can actually be an adventure in and of itself! Let’s look at five tips for successfully planning an engagement party! 

5 Tips for Planning an Engagement Party

If you follow these pieces of advice, your party planning process will not only have you feeling incredibly excited for the big day of celebration, but you’ll also enjoy every moment leading up to the party as well. 

We’ll dive into more detail regarding these top tips for planning an engagement party, but if you keep these five suggestions in mind, your engagement party will certainly be a celebration for the books! 

  • Figure Out an Affordable Budget 
  • Select How Formal You Want Your Event to Be 
  • Write Down Everyone You Plan to Invite
  • Decide on a Location
  • Hire Professionals to Make Your Party Memorable
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First and Foremost, Figure Out an Affordable Budget 

Before planning an engagement event, it is extremely beneficial to set a budget. In fact, this should be your top priority before you start planning the details of your engagement party. 

The number one rule of budgets is that they need to be realistic. You want to make sure you are planning a party that you can afford to throw. 

The best way to start figuring out your budget is by making a list of everything you expect to pay for in regards to your engagement party. For example, one of these aspects is the venue. Another element to incorporate into your budget is the invitations, as well as decorations.

How much do you feel comfortable spending on invitations? Can you afford all of the decorations that you have in mind, or do you need to scale back ever so slightly? A budget will help you address these questions. 

Select How Formal You Want Your Engagement Party to Be 

Thinking about the type of engagement party you want to throw can help you figure out the more intricate details of your upcoming celebration. This will help you set a theme and know exactly what you want your space to look like (and what attire people should wear).

Write Down Everyone You Plan to Invite to the Party

A party isn’t the same without friends and family there with you, so the guest list is an important part of planning an engagement party! When it comes to selecting who you’d like to have in attendance at your spouse-to-be celebration, think of the people who are closest to your heart.

Brainstorming people who mean the world to you usually isn’t the hard part, by any means. It tends to be more difficult to keep your list of guests at a reasonable length. Figure out how many friends and family members you want to limit your party to, and then make sure you don’t invite too many people. 

Decide on a Location to Host Your Engagement Party 

Location is everything, as they say, and this phrase holds true for engagement parties, too! It’s so important to take your time and not settle on the first venue you tour.

One of the best locations for hosting an engagement party is none other than Grand Salon! As an event hosting company, Grand Salon knows all there is to know about executing the perfect event, and celebrating engagements is one of many types of parties that Grand Salon knows how to host. 

Reach Out to Professionals to Make Your Party Memorable

From caterers to decorators to entertainment, hiring professionals will not only make your event one to remember, but it will also save you the headache of having to do everything yourself. 

Professionals have years of experience when it comes to producing events like these, so they’ll be able to efficiently make your party come together. Think about your budget and decide what kinds of professional services would be right for your engagement party. Read more to take a look at the 24 professional vendors that we work with!

Planning An Engagement Party | 5 Tips For Planning An Engagement Party | Blogs

How Grand Salon Can Help You Plan an Engagement Party 

At Grand Salon, there are a plethora of vendors, venues, and services, all at your… well, service! Allow us to help you with your engagement party planning process

Grand Salon Party Vendors 

At Grand Salon, we partner with many local businesses that promise to act as the vendors for your engagement party. There is a seemingly endless variety of vendors to choose from, which is amazing because it means there’s a vendor for everyone! 

The 24 Grand Salon Vendors include: 

  • Tina’s Originals Cakes 
  • Divine Delicacies
  • Willgrid Productions
  • Glamour Floral Creations
  • Floral Production by J. & M.
  • HG Photo Films
  • Chaple Photography
  • Photography by Camman
  • Lopez Photo Studio
  • Frank Lima Violinist 
  • Sunflower Entertainment 
  • Miami Event Photobooth 
  • Fotos-R-Fun
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Best Western Plus
  • Reverend Joaquin Perez
  • Weddings by Marty 
  • Frank Nunez
  • Paper M Heart Stationary 
  • Miami Elite Photography 
  • Best Fireworks
  • Sensational Experience
  • Florian’s Classic 
  • Aralimo Classic Collection 

While not all of our vendors will apply for those of you throwing an engagement party, you can always keep them in mind when it comes time to officially tie the knot! 

Venues at Grand Salon

At Grand Salon, you can choose between our four luxurious venues. From the Miami Ciudamar Room and the Grand Salon Reception Hall, to the Gazebo and the Country Club House Ballroom, each venue offers its own benefits! 

We’d love to help you figure out which venue can best accommodate your upcoming engagement party. If you would like Grand Salon to be your engagement party venue, contact us today! Reach out to us soon and we’ll calculate a quote for your engagement party.

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