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5 Summer Wedding Trends

by Lauren Jacobson

If you have attended a recent wedding, you know that while traditions never go out of style, there are some new things you can do with weddings these days. Trends are things that come and go, but this summer, there are 5 trends that will make for a cool ceremony. Here are a few of the trends to consider for a summer wedding this year.

Trend#1: Be-jeweled bouquets
When you think of wedding bouquets, your mind may automatically go towards flowers, but this summer, the trend has taken a turn toward something more sparkly. Bouquets can now be made partially or entirely out of jewels. Brooch bouquets are highly trendy, especially if they include a meaningful family jewel for additional sentimental value. These bouquets can be made by the bride or a family member or by a company that focuses on this unique piece of the wedding.

Trend#2: Colors
While white wedding dresses and pastel colors on bridesmaids are still highly popular, in the summer, bright colors are a heightened trend. The bride can wear white or ivory, but the bridesmaids are more often wearing bold colors like bright orange, grass green, or red. The bright colors can bring out a pop in the flowers and add highlights to any picture taken.

Trend#3: Environmentally Friendly invitations
Eco-friendly items are all over the place these days and now, it is the trend to extend the green hand towards wedding invites as well. There are a number of green options today including invites made from recycled paper and natural ink. There are also electronic invites to consider, which takes away resource consumption completely. Eco-invites are becoming a hugely popular trend for summer and weddings in other seasons.

Trend#4: Local Food
In the summer, there are a lot of options for the food tables. The latest trend is to go with something local. The eating local movement has picked up trendy steam as more brides look for ingredients that are locally grown and produced to have at their weddings. These items can be prepared by caterers or on their own to make the down home feeling more unique and apparent.

Trend#5: Rustin Feel
Summer weddings are often more casual and they are starting to have more of a rustic feel. With wildflowers, wood tables, and farm settings, the rustic touch is making its way through the summer wedding trend.

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