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3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoes

by Lauren Jacobson

Photo by Caitriana Nicholson on Flickr


In the digital age where everything is shared, posted and liked, brides are feeling more pressured to make each detail of their wedding perfection. It’s no wonder that something as simple as choosing your wedding shoes can become a stressful nightmare. Here are three things to consider when hunting for the perfect shoes:

1. Listen to Your Feet


When selecting your shoes, it’s easy to get swept away with Swarovski and ignore the fact that the most beautiful shoes can often times lead to the largest blisters. Make sure to test a pair out before you take them home to keep yourself from hobbling on the dance floor. Some brides even choose to have two pairs – one for the photos and the ceremony and another comfy pair for the reception. Keep in mind that there are tricks for adjusting shoes to be more comfortable, whether that means stretching the leather, adding heel padding or using insoles. Many brides will also get non-slip grips and heel protectors for the bottoms (this is important if your are planning on taking photos outside or have a slick dance floor).


2. Consider Your Style

Your shoes should be an extension of your overall wedding look, so when you are shopping, think about what style most of your wedding fits into. Some popular styles would be glam, vintage, modern, chic or rustic. The shoes should also flow with the style of the dress. Is your dress long or short? Is there a train or layers of tulle that make it difficult to walk? Adjusting footwear to match the length and style of the dress is one way for bride’s to complete their look and fully embrace their own personal style. By narrowing down your search to reflect your style, you can weed out unnecessary candidates and get closer to your dream look.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

One thing that has become popular among today’s brides is the use of color in accessories, specifically shoes. Often times the gowns are long enough that when walking and standing, the shoes are invisible. Another way to add a pop of color is to paint the bottom of your shoes – a DIY trend that is becoming increasingly popular. By adding an accent color with your shoes, you can add another personal and festive detail to your dream day – they also make for great photos!

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