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2020 Wedding Trends That Inspire

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Are you planning a wedding this year? If you are, you’ll want to be in the loop on all of the newest 2020 wedding trends. While every wedding is unique and special in its own way, keeping the latest trends in mind will be a huge help as you work out the details for your special celebration.

From color palettes, to dress styles, to cakes, wedding trends are ever-changing. Think about it, if you’ve ever looked at your parents’ wedding pictures, chances are, there are some major differences between then and now!

Ready to know what’s “in” for 2020? Your wedding planning fun starts here!

Sweet Paper Shop Candy Bar Wrappers Personalized Favor Stripes Rose Floral Botanical Wedding 3 1800x1800 | 2020 Wedding Trends That Inspire | Blogs
Pastels and black accents are totally in for 2020!

Our Favorite 2020 Wedding Trends

Are you ready to get into the nitty-gritty of planning your wedding? Our expert wedding planners have gathered a list of some of the top 2020 wedding trends to keep your eye on.

Décor – Pastel Colors With Dark Accents

The word is out. Pastel colors are in for 2020. Specifically, pastel colors with black accents.

Pink, ivory, and coral accessories are the most popular choices for this year with one popular combination featuring cream tablecloths and napkins with white and pink floral displays.

To keep the pastel look fresh and on-trend, black accents are all the rage. Add some black candlesticks or black-handled silverware to a cream-colored tablecloth, and watch all the colors pop.

Monogrammed napkins are also in this year. Consider a pastel or off white for the main color, and use black for the monogram itself.

The common theme here is simplicity. Recently, people have started to move away from bold, colorful displays and towards more elegant, subtle décor.

Screen Shot 2019 02 15 At 11 22 20 Am | 2020 Wedding Trends That Inspire | Blogs
A bold, black cake adds a touch of wow to a pastel table setting.

Big & Bold Cakes

Cake trends tend to come and go in cycles, often alternative from big, over the top cakes, to smaller more personalized desserts. Last year, we saw a lot of small dessert spreads, but in 2020, experts like Martha Stewart, are on board the big, bold cake trend.

This year’s wedding cakes, though big and bold, will stray away from the traditional, all-white affair. Instead, think bold, colorful, and totally creative. Take advantage of this opportunity to make your cake a statement, consider a darker, gothic style cake to stand out against a pastel backdrop.

Charlottesimpson 0021 | 2020 Wedding Trends That Inspire | Blogs
When it comes to wedding dresses, the 2020 trend is all about simplicity.

Simply Elegant Dresses

You can thank Meghan Markle for this year’s wedding dress trend. In recent years, elaborate, complex dresses have been the go-to look. However, since Britain’s most popular princess wore a simple, white dress at her wedding, her style has become one of the hottest 2020 wedding trends.

The main thing to look for here is simplicity in the style of the dress itself. A veil and a train are still perfectly acceptable, but the dress should be smooth, particularly around the neckline, without a lot of lace or frills.

Smokin Hot Amy Faith Photography | 2020 Wedding Trends That Inspire | Blogs
This year, send off the bride and groom with super-trendy smoke bombs.

The Trendy Details

If you’ve got your décor, your cake, and your dress, you’re off to a good start. But those are just the basics. Here are a few more of the hottest 2020 wedding trends to keep in mind as you plan your special moment.

  • Smoke bombs instead of rice or bubbles. Okay, rice has been out of style for a while now, but bubbles have been a longstanding, easier to clean alternative. More recently, people have started setting off colorful smoke bombs to see the bride and groom off. Check your state and local laws before doing this, but smoke bombs are 100% legal in Florida.
  • Large, elaborate invitations. Just like wedding cakes, invitations have gotten bigger in the past year. It’s no longer gauche to send your invitation on a giant, printer-sized card. It’s fashionable and totally on-trend.
  • Floral bibs. Corsages and boutonnieres have been popular for over a century. But why limit yourself to a few flowers on your wrist or lapel? Large, elaborate floral bibs are in style. They smell great, and they look even better in your wedding pictures.
  • Indoor floral displays. This is yet another trend that was inspired by the Royal Wedding. Big, indoor floral displays are a great way to freshen up an indoor ceremony and give it a pleasant outdoorsy feel without having to worry about whether or not it’s going to rain on your big day.

Now that you’ve explored some of the top 2020 wedding trends, let the planning begin! If you live in the Miami or South Miami area and you’re planning on getting married this year, you’re going to need a venue.

The Grand Salon Reception Hall is local, elegant, and affordable. Local wedding halls are getting booked up quickly. The longer you wait, the fewer options you’ll have, and the more likely it is that you’ll end up overpaying for your second or third choice.

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