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10 Worst Wedding Faux Pas

by Lauren Jacobson

Sometimes, etiquette mistakes are made unknowingly. This is especially true when one is putting on an event as large in scale as a wedding. In his article, we’ll help you dispel your ignorance on the worst of these issues to improve the quality of your wedding.

Cash Bar

We know that there are many disputes on the etiquette of a cash bar, so we’re going to go ahead and just say that having a cash bar at a wedding is never okay! There are plenty of ways to decrease the money you spend on a wedding, but making guests pay for alcohol is not one of them.


Be considerate of where your guests are coming from and don’t force guests to drive all over town to get to your poorly planned destinations. Keep your venues close together in accessible, centrally located areas.


While you want your events to be lengthy enough for guests to enjoy the festivities, a huge faux pas among weddings is dragging them out. This is most often the case with both the ceremony and the cocktail hour. Not everyone enjoys starring into your fiance’s eyes while reciting vow as much as you do. Try to hold both of these events to under an hour.

Along with the length of your events, it’s important to consider timing as well. Don’t schedule a wedding on a holiday or during a holiday weekend. Also, carefully consider the starting and ending times of your festivities to accommodate your guests.

Asking for Money

It’s never appropriate to ask guests for money. Sometimes, brides and grooms leave jars at receptions asking for contributions. This should always be avoided. Additionally, you should never ask for money in place of gifts.

Invitation Etiquette

Avoid confusing wedding invitations! Don’t include ceremony invitation in the general invitation as this will make guests that are only invited to the reception feel unwanted. Create a special invitation for ceremony guests.

Alcohol Indulgence

While it’s okay to enjoy a sip or two on the wedding day, nobody should get wasted on the big day, especially the wedding party.

The Bride, Groom, and Guests

Often, the bride and groom get so caught up in the day, they forget to acknowledge some of their guests. The bride and groom should take time to talk to all of their guests.

ThankĀ You’s

It is extremely rude not to send handwritten thank you notes to all of the guests that attended the wedding


Finally, don’t forget to thank your wedding crew and vendors with cards and tips.

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