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10 Trending Party Elements for the Perfect Quinceañera

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Celebrating a Quinceañera (15th birthday) is one of the most special and unforgettable days for a young woman that marks her transition from childhood to adulthood. Being true to customs traditions is the key for a memorable night but they can be incorporated with a twist to adapt the event to a modern style.   

We’re breaking down 10 must-have party elements to ensure your Quinceañera is one for the books.

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1. Event Theme

Have LED Screens and light shows instead of a traditional stage. LED screens will create any type of theme or travel around the world with just a click and they are a modern element to project the traditional Quinceanera video clips and theme videos. The light show will completely change and set the room atmosphere for the night.

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2. Room Decoration

Pay attention to details and make it unexpected. Incorporate less traditional colors and have statement floral arrangements and furniture areas around the room. Grand Salon has several vendor partnerships to ensure you have access to the best party suppliers in town!

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3. Room Layout

Use a less traditional seating layout. Have lounges, conversational tables and a VIP for teenagers and you can always have traditional seating for adults if you as an option to keep up with traditions.

4. Guest Entrance

Have them be welcomed by an unusual artist who can create an unexpected atmosphere and be the prelude of the event’s theme.

5. Keeping It Traditional

Wear a traditional dress for your presentation and the father and daughter dance. Do not forget to surprise your mother, you can use any of your talents as the most precious gift or simply give her a beautiful floral arrangement with some heartfelt words.

6. Food Stations

Offer appetizers and food stations instead of, the traditional sit-down dinner, the young guests will enjoy the beauty of the presentation and will appreciate it better.

7. Sweet Station

Amaze the guests with a sophisticated Viennese station which can be the event’s centerpiece displaying the cake and elegant sweet trays. Having a chocolate fountain and ice cream station will add delight to the guests. Check out our upgrades to explore options.

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8. Entertainment

Make sure to include features that will engage all guests. Unexpected shows and musicians will pave the way for a memorable night. The photo booth and the hora loca are fun elements for everyone. 

9. Special Effects

Surprise your guests with unexpected attractions. Having fireworks, dry ice, petal canyons, and confetti will reinforce the magic and enchantment of each special moment.

10. Enjoy the Party

Don’t forget to enjoy your night. You only turn 15 just once!

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