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What Does an Event Coordinator Do?

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When preparing to host an event, it’s incredibly easy to feel overwhelmed, almost like you’re immersing yourself into a situation you’re not equipped to tackle. Instead of letting doubt overwhelm you and talk you out of throwing an event, consider hiring an event coordinator instead. 

You may be wondering, what does an event coordinator do?

Keep reading to learn the benefits of having an on-site event coordinator for your event!

How an On-Site Event Coordinator Can Make Event Planning So Much Easier 

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Sometimes, multitasking is totally doable. But, planning and coordinating an event is not one of those times. If you’re hosting an upcoming event and you are interested in hiring someone to help, an on-site event coordinator is a perfect match for you.  

What Does an Event Coordinator Do? 

An on-site event coordinator is essentially like a personal assistant for your events. Event planners are there from the very beginning, and they participate in the event all the way to the end. From the early stages of conceptualizing the event, to the planning process and actual execution of an event, on-site event coordinators are such a crucial component of a successful event. 

Event coordinators bring a vision to life. They take the concepts and turn them into an actual event. Aside from the obvious element of helping to coordinate events, on-site event coordinators are responsible for many other duties. From reaching out to vendors and exploring catering options, to securing a location for the event and keeping a headcount of everyone who has responded to their invitations, event coordinators connect all the dots to make sure the event is going to run smoothly.  

The Difference Between an Event Coordinator and an Event Planner 

Event coordinators do not fulfill the same roles as event planners. The two jobs are often mistaken for one another, so let’s explore the main difference! 

An event planner focuses on figuring out the details of an event, while an event coordinator takes those details and makes sure they come to fruition. 

So, for example, the event planner will figure out where to host an event, which day it will take place on, and who to invite. Then, the event coordinator will make sure the venue is booked for the chosen date and time, as well as ensuring that everyone in the invite list receives their invitations. These are not the only duties of event planners and coordinators, of course, but we hope that offers some insight into the difference between event coordinators and event planners. 

3 Reasons Why an Event Coordinator is So Helpful for Events

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As we know, event coordinators are the ones who make event ideas come to life. But there are so many details involved in the event coordinating process, and there are more specific reasons to hire an event coordinator – 3 of them being:  

  1. Less stress for you  
  2. They know what works
  3. They also know what doesn’t work

Less Stress for You

Event coordinators fill many roles, and one of the most important positions they take on is that of relieving stress. The number of connections you’ll need to make for your event is dependent on the size of the event and the purpose it’ll serve. However, even small-scale events require that you reach out to vendors, caterers, and other professional services to assist you with certain parts of the event. 

It’s highly likely that you still have other non-event duties to perform and responsibilities to uphold, so you probably don’t have the time to take on all the duties of an event coordinator yourself. Instead of creating an overwhelming list of things to do, avoid overextending yourself by reaching out to an event coordinator. 

Why stress about all the coordination details when you could allocate them to a professional instead? 

They Know Exactly What Works

On-site event coordinators have so many tricks up their sleeves when it comes to putting together the most organized and entertaining event. Since they have experience backing them, event coordinators have the know-how to reach out to contacts, arrange times for vendors to arrive, work within your budget, and ultimately structure the event in a successful way. 

The expertise that event coordinators contain will give you peace of mind as well. When you know that the important details are being carried out by someone who knows exactly what they are doing, you won’t spend every waking minute worrying about everything that could go wrong. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself and appreciate the outcome of all the time you spent planning the big day, too! 

They Also Know What Doesn’t Work

On top of knowing exactly what to do, event coordinators know what shouldn’t be done, too. With experience, event coordinators understand what is non-essential to a successful and enjoyable event. 

For example, event coordinators know that it’s wise to follow-up with the vendors just to make sure they have your event booked in their calendars. Also, a common mistake first-time event hosts make is not booking the right amount of help for the event.

When trying to be effective, it’s easy to make a move that ultimately causes more harm than good, but with an experienced event coordinator, that won’t ever happen! 

Event coordinators know how to evade situations like this by not acting on the impulses that inexperienced people might jump on right away. Trust that your event coordinator will steer clear of situations that could make for an unfortunate situation.

Event Coordinators at The Grand Salon

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At Grand Salon, a smooth-sailing event is our top priority. Whether you’re in favor of an outdoor event, or you prefer celebrating inside, we understand the importance of hosting an event that impresses the guests. 

If you’re interested in hosting an event at Grand Salon and partnering with one of our event coordinators, contact us! The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can provide you with a quote and get the ball rolling on coordinating your event.

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