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The Wedding Translator: Common Wedding Terms Explained

President Cleveland Wedding | The Wedding Translator: Common Wedding Terms Explained | Wedding Venues

The Wedding Language

The wedding language is not just considered to be the language of love. Love does indeed have much to do with a wedding. It should be known that there is wedding terminology. If you have chosen to have a wedding planner assist you in your wonderful wedding day, you will need a wedding term translator. The wedding language is not too difficult to learn.

Common Wedding Terms

The following is a list of wedding words that are translated. You may need to be aware of the fact that some one these wedding words are ordinary words that have different meanings. Wedding words are special words with their own wedding meaning. The following is a list of translated wedding words:

*Fondant; This is frosting. It is made of water and sugar. It is a hard frosting. It can be likened and is similar to a common buttercream. It is usually used for a wedding cake. “I would prefer fondant on our wedding cake.”

*Dragees; This is a chocolate-and-candy-covered almond. These dragees are quite often served at a wedding reception. There are those who prefer to offer them out to their guests as a wedding favor. “would you enjoy some delicious dragees after your dinner?”

*Vellum; This is a transparent and heavy overlay. It is usually used as an overlay on a wedding invitation. There are many other uses for vellum. It can be used on a favor box too. “Was that vellum expensive for the invitations?”

*Grosgrain; This is a fabric that has a ribbed appearance. It may be made out of silk or a type of silk like fabric. Usually this is used as a trim. It may also be used as a belt or a handle wrap. “Is your belt made from grosgrain?”

*Dyeables; This is a fabric or a shoe that can be dyed. It enables for a match of a particular color swatch. “Are your shoes dyeables? They should match the color of your dress.”

*Charger; This is not for a battery. This is a large and decorative plate. It is placed under the dinner plate. It is intended to bring color and texture to the table. “That is a beautiful charger. It brings a vibrant red to this table.”

*Ascot Tie; This is a certain necktie. This is worn at very formal daytime weddings. “Do you have an ascot tie to wear for the afternoon wedding?”

*Bomboniere; Wedding favors. It is an Italian word. “Did you get a boboniere as a token gift?”

*Blusher; This is a single layered veil. It covers the bride’s face before the ceremony. “I could not see the bride’s make up because she was wearing a blusher.”

*Dais; This is a platform. It is raised from the floor. The groom and bride will be seated here for the wedding reception. “The groom is sitting on the dais with the bride.”

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