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Wedding Day Checklist for Bride And Groom

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Your wedding day will be one of the most hectic among the most memorable. You want it to be perfect, and although it may difficult to expect perfection on your wedding day, there are tips for helping you have the best and most memorable day of your life. Start with a checklist of what you’ll want to take to the ceremony with you.


A checklist of what the bride and groom should gather and have with them before heading to the church:



    1. The dress – You may not think it’s possible to leave your dress behind when you leave for the church, but it is. You may also walk out without the veil, your slip, hose, shoes or any other part of your wedding day attire. Be sure all you plan to wear is packed together and ready to walk out the door with you.


    1. Small sewing kit – With so many suits and dresses at a wedding, there’s bound to be one person who loses a button or breaks a zipper. Having a small sewing kit for such emergencies will ease those worries.


    1. Hanger – If you plan to have any professional pictures of your dress alone, bring a pretty hanger to hang it with for creative photographic purposes.


    1. Double-sided tape – You never know what could happen when getting dressed for the wedding. A hem on your dress or the hem of one of your attendants may come loose. Double-sided tape is a quick fix for many minor issues that can get you through the ceremony and reception.


    1. Guest book, sign and pen – You want to know and remember who came to celebrate your day with you which is why you’ll need a guest registry book. However, it won’t do you any good if it’s sitting at home. So pack it in your bag alongside the other items and don’t forget a little sign to notify your guests of the guest registry book.


    1. Shawl or wrap – Churches and ceremony halls aren’t always temperature friendly. You’ll want something to wrap-up in while you wait for the ceremony, especially if your wedding falls in a cold month.


    1. Toiletries – Anything you’ll need for your hair, make-up, even a quick brush of the teeth before your walk down the aisle should be packed and brought with you.




    1. Wedding rings – The highlight of the ceremony – exchanging of the rings. Keep the rings together in a safe place and make sure they’re with you when you head to the ceremony.


    1. Tips and tip envelopes – It’s customary to tip your vendors. Plan on the amounts you’ll give them for being a part of your wedding. Put them in envelopes, address them and take them with you to the wedding.


    1. Marriage certificate – Don’t forget the certificate will need to be signed by both bride and groom after the service along with the officiator. Keep this with your wedding rings and take it with you.


  1. Tuxedo – Be sure you have all parts to your tux before leaving; including, shoes, socks and bowtie.


Both Bride and Groom

    1. Medication – If you take medication and will need to at the church, be sure to have it with you.


    1. Relaxant – If you tend to be a very nervous person, you may to bring something you know will take the edge off; some wine or your favorite beverage, or if you have another form of helping you relax, bring it with you.


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