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Top Ten Funny Marriage Proposals

by Lauren Jacobson

Being in love sure does make people do goofy stuff. For proof, we need look no further than the funny marriage proposal. It is one of the most time-honored traditions in wedded human history.

In honor of this great notion, here are the Top 10 funny marriage proposal ideas from around the internet.


10. If you and your significant other love pizza, order your favorite kind (or split the toppings 50-50) and have your sweetie open the box. Have the proposal written on the lid, or spell it out with the toppings themselves. If your sweetie also loves chocolate, you could even spell the proposal with M&Ms, a la The Princess Diaries.



9. Take out an ad in the local paper with your proposal. Your significant other might answer with his or her own ad.



8. This one’s great for single parents of small children. Have your child wear a T-shirt that reads, “Will You Marry My Mom/Dad?”



7. Are you and your future fiancé Christmas-lovers? Propose using Christmas lights and then every year spell something special for your anniversary.



6. Attach the ring to a photo of Captain Picard, with the instructions “Engage.” Your fiancé will find it…fascinating.



5. Make your own film trailer starring you and your significant other. Bonus points if you design it around your darling’s favorite genre.



4. Take your darling to a romantic production, then propose after curtain call.



3. Does the love of your life also love desserts? Take him or her to a restaurant with a dessert tray. Put the ring on the tray as a yummy selection (but don’t let them eat it!)



2. Write down the top 10 reasons you want to marry this person. Have each reason sent in a card over the course of 1-10 days. The last card, hand-delivered by you, should be the proposal.



1. Slip the ring into a copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, at the chapter entitled “The Unbreakable Vow.”


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