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The Best Bridal Shower Games for Miami Banquet Halls

by Lauren Jacobson

Bridal shower games are the perfect opportunity for the wife-to-be and her friends to let loose and have a good time!

At Miami banquet halls, that means a whole party full of ladies laughing, enjoying each others’ company, and playing games they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

It is an always festive atmosphere at any bridal shower, and these are the top ten bridal shower games.

miami bridal shower
10. Bridal Bingo

Just like the game played at the senior rec center, but instead of spelling out B-I-N-G-O, guests have to spell out B-R-I-D-E in order to win. And instead of numbers, list facts relevant to weddings or the married-couple-to-be inside each square. (Examples: where the couple went on their first date or how many dates it took before sexy time happened).

bridal shower games
9. Purse Raid

Make a list of standard items the bride-to-be has in her purse. Start with the innocent stuff like a compact and credit cards and work up to any fun toys she carries with her. The host will call out the items on the list. The first person who picks out the item in the purse wins.

8. The Newlywed Game

Pull the groom aside before the bridal shower. Ask him questions about his little lady and their relationship such as “Where did you first make out?” and “Does she fart in the room when you are there?” At the shower, ask the bride the same questions. After she answers, show her and the shower goers a video of her beau giving the answers to see how many she got right.

Bride and Groom on the dancefloor | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
7. He Said, She Said

Ask the couple about their romance from their first encounter to the vacations they have taken together. Make a list of their answers and mix them up. Print out copies of their quotes and have guests guess who made the comment: the groom or the bride?

miami bridal shower
6. Hot Gossip

Inspired by the board game Clue, you write a juicy question on an index card about how each guest is related to the bride or groom. Hand a card to each guest as they arrive, giving them 30 to 40 minutes to up with the answer. Each person then has to reveal their relationship to the couple.

miami bridal shower
5. Celebrity Name Game

Guests split up into two teams. Each person writes the names of 10 to 20 celebrities on separate sheets of paper, which are thrown into a hat or bowl. Team A’s first player draws a name from the hat, stands up and tries to explain the celebrity to her teammates without actually saying their name. Whichever team guesses the most celebrities correctly wins.

love story by thicktheo on deviantART
4. Memory

The bride tells the party goers the “love story” that brought her together with her groom. After opening the presents, the host surprises guests by quizzing them about what the bride said. The person with the closest answers gets a special prize.

File:Crossword puzzle with lady in black coat.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
3. Bride-and-Groom Crossword Puzzle

Start off by making a custom crossword puzzle using 10 and 15 one-word answers to questions about the bride, the groom, and the wedding.

2. Wedding Trivia

Test guests’ wedding knowledge by coming up with trivia questions they will have to answer. One person is in charge of asking all the questions and holding the answers. You can use index cards or cut out pieces of paper. The winner is the person with the most correct answers.

File:Bride getting dressed.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
1. Guess Whose Underwear

On the invitations, request that guests give the bride underwear or lingerie gifts that matches their personality and style. Have everyone hang their underwear on a line running across the party room. The bride then has to guess which guest bought her the underwear or lingerie.

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