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Top 5 Unforgettable Wedding Pranks

by Lauren Jacobson

Everything is set for the greatest day in your life, when pow, your maid of honor thinks it’s hilarious to start a conga line, and twerk dance with the priest!

Let’s just say that wedding pranks are one of the most hilarious Youtube video genres.

Here are the top five unforgettable wedding pranks to look out for at the next wedding you go to. Maybe even yours!


5. The Switcheroo

There’s something to be said about a groom who is not afraid to play a little game of “switcheroo” on his new bride on her special day. Dub this guy “King Confidence.”

He’s got major drama skills, in kind of a sweet, goofy way.


Top 5 Unforgettable Wedding Pranks | Blogs

4. The Mask

Color this groom’s face red. If ever someone asks you to wear a mask at your wedding reception, run.

Run fast and far away.

You have to give this groom credit, however. He’s in it to win it. Easily one of our favorite wedding pranks.


3. The Lost Ring

Forget decorum. Consider the mysterious case of the “Lost Wedding Rings.”

There’s nothing predictable about this wedding ceremony, although the bride seems to be enjoying the groom’s little wedding pranks.

One can only hope they laugh this much ten years later.


2. The Stranger

Instead of pulling a prank on the wedding party, throw some innocent bystanders into the mix.

Granted, you may want to consider the amount of time and money you want to put into this wedding prank, but seeing the hilarious expressions on these peoples’ duped faces is priceless.


1. The Best Man

Top 5 Unforgettable Wedding Pranks | Blogs
The number one best wedding prank is brilliant in its simplicity. Who wouldn’t want to have a best man like this imaginative fellow?

The purpose of this top five wedding prank list is to emphasize just how important it is to have fun on your day, so calm down; don’t get bogged down in a million trifling details of what could go wrong.

Even if your maid of honor loses the beautiful wedding vows you’ve so painstakingly written, don’t let it overshadow why you are doing it in the first place: you love each other.

Never lose sight of that; you’ll be fine. And if you are looking for a wedding venue in Miami, Grand Salon Reception Hall is the place to start and finish searching.

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